Warrior Maiden of the Dunedain – Chapter Three

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Early the next morning, Ohtarwen awoke when she heard Elwen moving about the room. She rolled over and faced Elwen.
“Good morning! I will never understand why Humans like to sleep so late.” Elwen said shaking her head. Ohtarwen moaned and rolled over again.
“No you don’t. You have to get up.” Elwen went to the bed and pulled the covers off Ohtarwen. Her mangled nightshirt was wrinkled and mussed and her hair was in many knots around her shoulders.
Elwen winced. “You know, you are a lot nicer looking when you are fully awake.” Ohtarwen grabbed her pillow and heaved it at Elwen who easily dodged the throw.
“Come now, Ohtarwen. Does your drowsiness affect your aim? I was expecting more out of you.” Ohtarwen tried to tackle Elwen, but missed completely and fell out of the bed with a thud.
“Ow!” Ohtarwen moaned, sitting up rubbing her head. Elwen, however, was also on the ground, though not from falling, but from hysterics.
“Hey! It’s not funny! It really hurt!” Ohtarwen said angrily.
“Yes…yes, it was!” Elwen gasped through her laughter. “You should have seen yourself!”
“No, it wasn’t!” Ohtarwen yelled attempting to get up, but tripped over her feet and once again fell on her face causing Elwen into another attack of laughter. Ohtarwen could not help but laugh at herself.
“I guess I did look pretty funny.” She complied.
“Yes!!” Elwen said, laughing all the more. Ohtarwen stood and dressed, dreading when they met up with Legolas for she knew Elwen would tell him all about her clumsiness. Elwen was still chuckling to herself as they went out the door to meet Legolas. They found him near the Mallorn talking with Tethcelebel.
“What’s so funny?” Legolas inquired as they walked up.
“Good morning cousin,” Elwen greeted. “I was laughing at Ohtarwen.”
“Why? What happened?” Tethcelebel persisted now wanting to know what was so funny.
“Well, I went to wake Ohtarwen up because she had slept late….” As they walked, Elwen proceeded to tell them all that had happened. Ohtarwen laughed along with all of them, now finding humor in it all, though her head still hurt a little.
“So Celebel,” Ohtarwen started. “Did you have a good time last night?”
Tethcelebel looked at her, her face going crimson. “How’d you know?”
“I read your mind.” Ohtarwen laughed jokingly.
“Yes, I did. I enjoy helping Orophin with his rounds.”
Elwen decided to jump in. “Yes, Orophin: the Marchwarden’s brother.” Elwen began to count off her fingers. “Smart, funny, young, good family line, and …handsome.”
Tethcelebel looked very uncomfortable now. “Yes, he is. But I only enjoy his company as a friend that is all.”
Ohtarwen and Elwen nodded, glancing at each other. Legolas laughed as he walked along, not getting into the middle of his sister’s game. Tethcelebel quickened her pace as to catch up with Legolas and leave behind Elwen and Ohtarwen.
“Hey,” Ohtarwen called after them. “Where are you going?”
“Trying to get away from an immature human and cousin.” She answered her. “Oh….hey!” Ohtarwen glared, realizing what she said. Tethcelebel laughed at her friend’s reaction.
The breeze rustled the leaves as the morning sun slowly passed over the sky. The moss on the ground was like soft velvet upon the bare feet of the four. They could hear the sound of running water nearby trickling down a path.
“It is a warm day,” Legolas stated, he glanced over at the girls. “I’ll race you to the pond.”
Elwen, Ohtarwen and Tethcelebel grinned. “You’re on.” Ohtarwen said.
The Elves and Human dashed across the forest floor, each only a few strides away from each other. The water came in view, but they did not slow down. Ohtarwen took a running jump, curled herself up into a ball and landed in the pond with a splash. The rest followed much the same. Ohtarwen swam up to the surface and waited for the others. Tethcelebel and Legolas and Elwen came up, smiling at the coolness of the water.
“Ah! That is much better.” Elwen sighed.
“Yes, I will have to agree with you on that, Sister.” Legolas assented as he laid back and let the water carry his body on its own. Elwen looked at him with a mock surprised look on her face.
“Agree with me? That’s a first!” Elwen retorted. Legolas rose out of the water, grabbed Elwen’s head and thrust her under. Elwen came up sputtering, glaring angrily at her brother; while Ohtarwen and Tethcelebel were laughing uncontrollable. Elwen looked from each of her friends; she put her hands down and deluged her friends with a spray of water. Ohtarwen, who was not going to let Elwen get away with what she did, did the same. The water fight went on for about an hour, until the sun was far into the afternoon sky.
Elwen, Legolas, Ohtarwen and Tethcelebel laid out on the grass letting the warmth of the sun dry their wet clothes.
“That was fun, I haven’t been able to do that for a long time,” Tethcelebel said with a smile. “Do you remember the things we used to do when we were younger?” She asked mainly Elwen and Legolas who each smiled as their thoughts went back to their childhood.
“Those were good times,” Elwen said, thinking of all the times her brother and her cousin and gotten into mischief together. “Do you remember when you took me to see Galadriel’s mirror, Brother?”
Legolas laughed. “Yes, how could I forget? I got in a lot of trouble for that.”
“What happened?” Ohtarwen questioned.
“When Legolas and I were but children, my father and mother journeyed to Lorien and took us with them. Legolas was supposed to watch me while our parents discussed important things with Galadriel.
“Well, Legolas and I decided to look around. We followed the path that led to Galadriel’s mirror, something we did not know much about. Legolas, being the brilliant brother that he is, lifted me up on to the mirror. Me, being young, did not have very good balance. I fell backwards into the mirror!”
Tethcelebel grinned, remembering her grandmother’s reaction to this.
“Grandmother was not very pleased. She didn’t let Elwen near her mirror until she was older; to this day, she is still a little wary when Elwen comes to Lorien.” She chuckled. The three Elves laughed together.
“It seems you have caused trouble to all your relatives, Elwen.” Ohtarwen stated.
“You haven’t been the perfect little niece yourself, Ohtarwen.” Legolas returned, “Remember when you got in trouble for loosing a certain sword?”
Ohtarwen felt the red creeping up her face. “Yes, until now, I had forgotten. I was little, I didn’t know any better. Besides, I didn’t know that was the Shards of Narsil.” Legolas, Elwen and Tethcelebel laughed at Ohtarwen’s desperate attempts to explain.
“I remember one summer, Orophin and I got into a lot of trouble.” Tethcelebel said with a smile.
Elwen sat up; “I don’t recall you ever telling me this.”
“Well, Orophin and I were playing a little a ways from the city. We were getting thirsty because it was very hot that day. I suggested we go to my grandfather’s cellar where he kept his wine. So we both made our way to the cellar. It was filled with large barrels filled with wines. We weren’t sure which barrels held the wine my grandparents used for the normal dinner wine, so we picked. At first we took tiny sips of the drink, we thought it tasted a little different than usual.
“But the more we drank it, the more we liked it. Before we knew it, we had drunk three full cups each. My vision grew blurry and my words began to run together. I felt as if I was on a boat at sea; the floor would not be still. Orophin also felt the same way. We started feeling very happy…” Tethcelebel cleared her throat awkwardly, “We started singing and dancing all about the cellar. We didn’t even realize how loud we were until Haldir came down when he heard noise coming from the cellar. To his great amazement and shock, we were drunk!”
“Drunk?!” Ohtarwen exclaimed then began to laugh.
“Yes, we got punished severely for that mistake. Though Haldir had a hard time keeping a straight face while he was punishing us. Come to think of it, so did my grandfather when Haldir led us into the throne room, staggering and swaying.”
“Well Cousin, I never knew you would do that. Seems I don’t know you as well as I thought I did.” Elwen laughed.
“Yes, it would seem we all have had our mischievous moments in life. And most likely, if I know you all, there will be many more to come.” Legolas concluded.
The sun cast pink and purple rays through the trees and over the water as it slowly set behind the mountains in the east.
“It’s already evening.” Tethcelebel realized. “This day has gone by fast. The days always pass by faster when you spend them with good friends.” She said with a smile as she rose from the ground and made ready to walk home.
“I agree, this was a wonderful day.” Ohtarwen concurred. “I should try to find Rumil and say hi. I haven’t seen him in a long time.”
The four rose and walked home together while the sun said goodnight and disappeared behind the far away mountains.

*author’s note*
it’s a little shorter than the others, but hope you like it! sorry for the long wait!


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