Warrior Maiden of the Dunedain – Chapter Five

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At first, all Ohtarwen could see was her reflection. Then the water began to grow foggy and unclear. Ohtarwen leaned closer. The fog began to clear and she could see a picture coming into view. She saw herself as a little girl sitting on Bilbo’s lap listening to him tell her one of his stories. Bilbo’s eyes sparkled as he reenacted one of his journeys; her eyes grew wide as she looked at him.
“It must be an exciting part.” Ohtarwen thought. Then she saw herself, Legolas, Elwen and Tethcelebel talking and laughing together in their rooms. It was sunny outside and she saw birds playing in the trees by the windows. The picture changed and what appeared was some kind of battle. Dead Orcs, Men and Elves were lying all over the ground. The view shifted and she saw Legolas fighting side by side with a Dwarf. This, Ohtarwen could not believe. The picture again changed, this time she saw herself. She was dirty and covered with dirt and blood. She was fighting along side many other men that she did not recognize. The picture began to fade slowly until there was nothing left but her reflection. Ohtarwen slowly pulled herself away and stared at Galadriel.
“What does this mean?” she asked.
“This I can not tell you.”
“Why did you show me this? I thought you were going to help me!”
“Do not think I only showed you this to confuse you even more.” Galadriel told her gentle.
“Well, you’re doing a pretty good job of it.” Ohtarwen laughed slightly.
“Believe me, all of this you will understand soon.” Galadriel hugged Ohtarwen and walked her back to her room where Legolas, Tethcelebel and Elwen were waiting for her.
“What were you doing with my grandmother?” Tethcelebel asked.
“She was showing me something.” Ohtarwen said quietly, still thinking about what she had seen.
“Come, we are ready to leave.” Legolas announced. They made their way to the gate of Lorien. There they said farewell and left their separate ways. Legolas and Elwen heading towards Mirkwood, and Ohtarwen, escorted by two other Elves, towards Imladris.
They traveled up the Misty Mountains and crossed the High Pass. Traveling down the Bruinen they finally arrived at Rivendell late five days later.
Elrond, Miredhel, and Mithrandir were there to greet Ohtarwen when she got home.
“How was your visit in Lorien?” Elrond greeted her with open arms. Ohtarwen hugged her uncle and smiled.
“I had a wonderful time. Did you miss me?”
Elrond laughed. “Of course we did. It’s not the same here when you’re not here to cause trouble.”
“Ah, I have not seen this young girl for many long years.” Mithrandir laughed.
“Mithrandir, what are you doing here?” Ohtarwen asked giving the old wizard a warm hug.
“I am here on business. I’m actually expecting someone.” He said with an untold secret sparkling through his eyes.
Ohtarwen smiled. “I’m glad you’re here.” The girls helped Ohtarwen back to her room.
“Tell me. How are Tethcelebel and Elwen?” Miredhel asked once they were in her room.
Ohtarwen sat down and sighed. “They are well as always. The Lady Galadriel sends you and Arwen her greetings. Thank you for helping me, but I am tired from my journey.”
“Of course. We can talk in the morning. Sleep well, Ohtarwen. I’m glad you’re back.” Miredhel told her as she left the room.
Ohtarwen yawned and lied back on the bed. Before she knew it, she had fallen fast asleep. As she slept, she dreamed a strange dream. She dreamt that she was with a group of men that she thought were dressed as Rangers. She was dressed like them and was holding a long sword in her hand. Her hair was short and she looked as if she had just been fighting. She bent down by a figure on the ground. It was an orc. Out from the forest five other orcs appeared. She turned and began to fight the orcs. One of the men yelled to her and she turned. An orc came up behind her and brought his sword down on her.
Ohtarwen sat up, wide-awake. Her hands and face were sweaty and she felt hot.
“It’s just a dream, it’s just a dream.” She told herself. She got up from her bed and went out onto the balcony to cool off. She sat down on the railing, leaning against the wall. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to try to calm the rapid beating of her heart. Ohtarwen drew her knees up to her chest and looked out over the quiet city of Rivendell; the lights in the trees flickered like stars in the night sky as the trees gently swayed in the light breeze.
Ohtarwen’s mind wondered back to what she had seen that day in the mirror.
“Things that were, things that are, and things that have not yet come to pass…” she said quietly to herself. “That must be why I saw myself as a child, and how I am now. That was the things that were and are.” She thought to herself. “But the battle….I know that is one of the things that has not yet come to pass…but when will it? What battle was that? And the dream….” She thought for a moment. “Why are these things happening?”
Something caught Ohtarwen’s attention down below in the courtyard. A horse and rider galloped through the gate and stopped quickly. It was Arwen.
Arwen cried out, “Ada! Quick! He needs help!” she got off her horse and lifted a small figure off the horse. Elrond soon appeared and took the body from her arms and disappeared down the hall. Ohtarwen got up and left her room. She saw Arwen down the hall.
“Arwen, what is happening? Who is that?”
“Oh, Ohtarwen, you are back! I will explain later. I need to help Ada.” She told her disappearing into the room. Ohtarwen stood there confused.
“What’s going on?” she wondered to herself. She went back to her room and went to bed.
The next morning, Ohtarwen woke up later than everyone else, as usual. She quickly got and dressed herself then went down to eat.
“Good morning, Ohtarwen.” Arwen greeted her with a hug. “I’m glad to see you back, safe. Strange things have been happening.”
“Oh, like what?” Ohtarwen asked, not knowing anything that had been going on.
“Did Grandmother not tell you anything? The creature Gollum has escaped. They do not know where he is. Other things have happened also, the Nine have crossed the Ford, and my Ada told me that Sauron is building his army up again.”
Ohtarwen was silent at all of this. “But, what does this mean?”
“It could mean a lot of things. I do not know for sure. Ada had called a council that will be held in a few days. He has called representatives of every race to come.”
“That means….Dwarves!” Ohtarwen, even though she was not an Elf, still held the same hatred against the Dwarves that Elves had.
“Who was that that you brought in last night? Is he alright?”
“Oh, his name is Frodo Baggins. He was stabbed by a Nazgul blade. Ada is still attending him. His friends should arrive in a few days if not today.”
“May I see him?” Ohtarwen asked.
“I think it would be alright. Come, follow me.” Arwen lead her down the hall passed several rooms and stopped at a closed door. She quietly opened it and looked in.
Turning back to Ohtarwen, she said. “He has still not awoken, you need to be quiet.”
She opened the door wider and let Ohtarwen in. Across from the door was a large ivory bed; in it was a small body of what looked to be but a boy. As Ohtarwen drew closer, she could see that this was no boy, but a young Hobbit. Ohtarwen sat down on the bed and looked at him. She could see the bandage underneath his shirt that covered his wound.
“He is the one that has journeyed from the Shire to bring the One Ring here.” Arwen whispered quietly. Ohtarwen looked at her in amazement.
“A Hobbit?”
“Yes. He may just be a Hobbit, but he has strength in him that you would never guess.” Arwen smiled, looking at Frodo.
Ohtarwen spent the next few days relaxing and riding her horse. Arwen was busy most of the time caring for Frodo, Miredhel was not too busy and Ohtarwen enjoyed talking with her at night.
Two days passed and Frodo’s condition was slowly getting better, though he had not awakened yet. Late that morning, Ohtarwen heard voices coming from the hall; one specifically she recognized.
“Aragorn?” Ohtarwen opened her door and looked out. Aragorn was standing by Frodo’s door with three other Hobbits talking to Arwen. When he heard his name he turned and saw Ohtarwen and smiled.
“When did you get in?” Ohtarwen asked him after she hugged him.
“Early this morning.”
“Strider, who’s this?” One of the Hobbits asked him.
“Ah, let me introduce you all. Ohtarwen, this is Perigrin Took, Meriodoc Brandybuck, and Samwise Gamgee. Boys, this is the Lady Ohtarwen.”
Perigrin bowed elegantly and said, “It is a pleasure to meet you, but please call me Pippin. Everyone else does.”
“And call me Merry.”
“Just call me Sam.”
Ohtarwen laughed. “I will then.”
“Arwen, how’s Frodo doing today?” Ohtarwen asked.
“He is doing better; though he has not awoken yet. Mithrandir is with him now.”
Ohtarwen could hear Mithrandir talking inside the room; it seemed as if he was talking to someone though.
“Who is Mithrandir talking to?” she asked.
“I don’t know…” Arwen opened the door quietly to see. Mithrandir was sitting in a chair next to the bed and Frodo was awake and sitting up.
Sam rushed passed everyone and ran to his side.
“Bless you, Mr. Frodo, you’re awake.” He cried out happily.
“Sam has hardly left you side since they arrived.” Mithrandir informed Frodo who smiled at Sam.
Merry and Pippin turned to Ohtarwen. “Do you live here? You’re not an Elf.”
“Yes, I live here. And you’re right, I’m not an Elf. But my Ada left me in the care of Elrond.”
“Oh.” Pippin said with nod of his head, but still a little confused.
“Have you rested since your journey?” Ohtarwen asked Aragorn who looked rather tired.
“No, you can show the Hobbits to their room, I will wait and speak with Frodo.” He continued when Ohtarwen was about to protest. “It’s alright, I’ll be fine.”
Ohtarwen nodded. “Follow me, lads. I will show you where you are to sleep.”
“Oh boy! A nice big bed! That will feel nice!” Pippin rejoiced. Merry and Pippin followed Ohtarwen down the hall a ways and around a corner until she led them into a nice open room. There were two large beds, each big enough for four Hobbits. Merry and Pippin’s eyes went wide and they smiled from ear to ear.
“I’ve got this one!” Merry cried out and raced for one of the beds. Pippin was close behind him.
“No, I saw it first!” He yelled.
“Guys, there are two beds to chose from. There’s no need to fight over one.” Ohtarwen told them laughing. They both looked at each other. Pippin hopped off the bed and bounced onto the other.
“Someone’s going to have to share with Sam, though.” Ohtarwen reminded them.
“Oh yes.” Pippin said a little glumly. “I bet Merry won’t mind, will you, Merry?”
“Hey! I’ve had to share a bed with all of you for the last many nights. Why can’t you be the one to share with him?”
“Alright. I’ll settle this. Why not a game of Rock, Paper, Shears?” Ohtarwen suggested.
The Hobbit’s brightened at the idea. They both got off the bed and stood across from each other.
“Rock, Paper, Sheers!” they said in unison. Pippin had Rock, Merry had Shears.
“Well looks like you’ll be sharing the bed with Sam, Merry.” Ohtarwen told him. “Now, don’t look so glum. It can’t be that bad, can it?”
“No, I was just looking forward to my own bed.” Merry said solemnly.
“I know what will cheer you up, are you two hungry?” she asked.
They both nodded vigorously.
“Come with me then, I’ll fix you something to eat.”


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