Wander-Chapter 7 – The Forest of Lorien.

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I ran southward towards Fangorn Forest, my home. For days I climbed the rocky slopes of the Misty Mountains. At night I would sleep in the caves that riddled the mountains. I would slack my thirst and hunger by drinking out of small creeks and eating barriers off of small bushes.
After a few weeks had passed, I reached the gates of Moria. Not the grand front gates of Moria but the backdoor, that the Fellowship would use to escape. Hearing voices I leapt behind a bunch of small boulders.
The voices belonged to a pair of dwarves. One was very old and one was very young. They walked around in circles. I figured out that they were patrolling the gates. If dwarves were patrolling the gates of Moria that meant that I was in the Second Age. I knew this because Moria was not in the First Age and Moria was overrun in the Third Age by orcs and a Balrog.
The torch that the young dwarf was carrying wobbled a bit. “Careful or the demon will get you lad,” laughed the older dwarf.
“That’s just a myth made up by the elves over a thousand years ago,” replied the younger dwarf.
“True enough. But how do you explain the slaughter of that whole village then?”
“Easy, orcs.”
“Good answer my boy. Hurry up, it’s time for the changing of the guard and I want to get some roast beef before it’s gone.”
The two guard dwarves walked inside the gates of Moria for the changing of the guard. I looked around making sure that the next pair of guards weren’t out yet and ran across the rocky ground. I passed the gates as I ran, but I did not stop to look at them.
At sunrise I saw it, the forest of Lorien. The forest was so beautiful in the sun’s light.I would remember this sight for the rest of my life. Turning southwest I ran away from Lorien, because I knew that they would think me a monster like everyone else, should I enter the forest.
Days passed as I crossed the rolling plains of Rohan, heading for Fangorn Forest. Many times as I ran I had to hide from people on horses. They were not the people of Rohan, for Rohan would not be formed for another Age. They were the ancestors of the Rohan people.
Finally I reached Fangorn Forest. I shouted for joy, because I was now home and far away from people who would call me monster.I sang to the trees of my happiness and they swayed to my singing voice. Suddenly I heard “Ah, you have returned little one.”
“Yes Treebeard I have. And here in this forest shall I dwell from now on, least the world see me.”


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