Wander – Chapter 5

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I began to growl, loudly at the elves and men. I climbed down the tree in one quick movement. Then one of the men shouted “It’s attacking.” Quickly some of the elves drew their bows and shot arrows at me, but those arrows missed because I was too quick for them.
One glance around the armed band of med and elves told me that I was out numbered greatly. So off I ran into my home, the forest. Only a couple of men and elves gave pursuit that instant, for the rest had gone off to tell the entire camp. And that would mean reinforcements, a bad thing for me.
I ran hard and fast, trying to out run them but this time I was out of luck. Branches snapped, as I ran into them, while trying to lose the elves and men. Great crashes, sounded behind me as they tried to catch me. I ran faster until the trees all became green and brown blurs. Running faster was useless I thought, the elves could easily follow my trail and they probably had horses. There was no escaping them.
Then out of nowhere, came the idea that I could escape by jumping from tree to tree like the squirrels. And so I jumped from tree to tree to escape. After a while I stopped and listened, I heard no sounds of pursuit. I had lost the band of elves and men or so I thought.
I climbed down from the tree that I was in with an easy grace. That was a close call, and next time I would not show myself to men or elves ever again. Thirsty, from all that running about, I headed towards the river. I took my time knowing that I was safe. Little did I know that I was still being followed by the elves.
I went down on my knees, and gulped down some river water. I poured a lot over my head to wash away the little twigs and leaves stuck in my hair. Suddenly I heard a series of light crunches behind me in the bushes. The crunches wouldn’t have been heard by animals or humans, but then I wasn’t human. I knew then that the elves had found me, and that I was doomed.
I slowly got up, making it look like I hadn’t heard them. But sadly that didn’t help. I turned towards the bushes, a couple of meters away, and bared my fangs. The elves knew then that I had heard them. The elves stepped out of the bushes with their bows raised and arrows notched, all pointing towards me.
I laughed then at the elves, but now I have forgotten why. Two of the elves seemed familiar to me, then I remembered. They were Elrond’s sons! Suddenly one of them shot an arrow at me, but I was to stun to doge it. The arrow pierced my throat, with a sickening thud. I tired to scream but no sound came out. My last sight as I fell into the river wounded, was that of the elves and Elrond’s sons.


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