Wander-Chapter 4 – Entdrought

by Jan 26, 2004Stories

I didn’t really sleep, I slept in a sleep-like state. My eyes were wide open and I knew what was going on about me, all that made me think that I was a sleep was that my body movement was a little slower than before.
I was in this state until first light. I got up, and started to look around at my surroundings. The trees were younger looking and way thinner than when Pippin and Merry would be here. Everything was younger, thinner and healthier right now than when Merry and Pippin would be here. And something told me that wouldn’t happen for a long time. I also wondered where Treebeard went to.
Walking, I went over to the place that held the entdrought. I wasn’t thirsty, but I took a big gulp. Waiting a few seconds I looked at myself and sighed. My body wasn’t growing. In every account anyone who had entdrought grew taller, but for me it wasn’t true. Was I doomed to stay small forever?
Gathering my things, I decided to wander about the forest and see my new home for the time being. My eyes took in everything that I saw. The forest was huge, a never ending sea of trees. The trees seemed to bend towards me in greetings of welcome. Birds chirped happily, and animals went around doing their daily business. All was peaceful or so it seemed.
Many days or weeks passed like this. Me exploring Fangorn Forest and learning its ways of life. I couldn’t tell the time. For in this forest, time seemed to smoothly flow. I couldn’t help but wonder, what was going on in the other parts of Middle-earth. And how my family was doing. After a while Treebeard taught me the languages of Middle-Earth. Entish, treeish, elvish and dwarfish he taught me to speak. It was hard but I soon mastered these languages. I talked to the trees and they were always happy to speak to me. The only actual person or being that I spoke to was Treebeard.
These were the happiest days of my life. One day I smelt a strange scent in the air. I went to investigate this new smell, being the curious person that I was. The smell was coming from the edge of the forest. I went up a tree and hid. Making sure that nothing could see me I looked out. I saw a small band of elves and men camped out on the edge of Fangorn Forest. Most of the trees groaned because they were afraid of the fire from the camp. Suddenly a man from the camp stepped into the forest. He was wearing Gondor Ranger wear, and he was muttering to himself. He was saying that it wasn’t wise to camp near the forest. I called out” Why isn’t it wise to camp near my home?”.
He whirled about and unsheathed his sword saying”Help, it is one of the devils of the forest”.
The camp heard his cry and came rushing to his aid. One of the elves spoke out and said” Devil, why do you bother us”
and I replied” Devil, that is a insult. Go away and stop bugging me and the trees.”
The band looked a little confused as I said this. How dare they call me a devil. I would show them what I could do, then they would be sorry. I jumped down from my hiding spot, and heard them gasp. I didn’t know what I looked like. I hadn’t seen my reflection for so long. Maybe I did look like a devil.


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