Wander-Chapter 1 – forsaken to be alone.

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Late one night, a Saturday I think,for I do not remember now. I was on TolkienOnline.com, reading all sorts of story that were based on Middle Earth and its character’s. When I fell asleep reading about the Númenor, the part where they are building the City of Gondor.
I felt strange, as though something wet was covering most of my body. I heard shouts and groans, all around me, as if many people or things were hurt and then it faded away. I woke then, slowly getting up and looking around. It was evening, though that was impossible, it was still night time when I fell asleep. There were bodies of humans scattered everywhere, or what was left them. Blood was covering the field and the bodies. This was something that true nightmares were made out of.
I then noticed my clothing. It was all black and covered with dark red blood. The clothing was that of elf style but black. There was a silver sword covered with blood, black arrows with a black bow. I thought at that moment that I was ringwraith, but I checked myself once more and knew that something much worse was wrong.
My face skin was tanned golden, my eyes were that of a cat’s yellow and silted. I was now musclar and in shape. Then I saw my hands, they looked ok except that my nails were harder, sharper, like claws. Even though my body was no longer the same, and looked more lke a cat’s then humans, a part of me couldn”t help but be amazed.


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