Wander 2 – The running.

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Suddenly I heard shouting near me, then I noticed I had pointy ears like the elves. Now I was truly amazed by my new self. Then I saw torches, shouting men in armor, and a handle of elves too. They halted at the edge of the field, when they saw that it was stained with blood. I saw horror and disbelief in their faces at the carnage in front of them. I even saw a little bit of fear in their eyes.

After a few moments , one of the elves spotted me and called out” I see the beast that did this slaughter”, with anger
All eyes turned towards me, in what could only be described as pure hatred and fear. The large band of elves and men, took out their weapons and the elves shouted” Ndengina ta”. The men shouted the same except in Western. I saw them coming towards me and I knew that I was doomed.

I knew that there was only one way out, and it was to run away like there was no tomorrow. So I ran away as fast as my new body would let me. As I was running away the shouts of the elves and men died away into the night. I slowed to a stop after a few hours of running. I wasn’t even panting, before I couldn’t even run 2 kilometers without gasping for air. I looked around me for signs of the men and elves, and saw nothing. I then noticed that I was hopelessly lost in Middle Earth.

Right behind me was a large forest, and the trees of this forest were wide and very tall. Something about this large forest was strangely familiar, but I couldn’t figure it out in this darken night. I would just have to find out in the morning after I got some rest. I laid down on the forest floor and instantly fell asleep.

I dreamed about getting chased by men and elves, and changing my body. What a weird dream I had. Then I sat up and gazed around me and knew that it was no dream that I had, it really happened. I got up and began to make my way through the large forest. I looked about me as I walked, the trees were a beautiful sight to behold.Out of no where I heard
burarum, and the only thing that said that was Treebeard of Fangorn Forest.


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