Walking in the Woods – Chapter 2

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This is the second part of Walking in the Woods. Here are some things you might want to know:
* L’Oreal and Sam are half-elf and half-man.
* Sam is NOT Samwise Gamgee. His name is Samreal Hocklorf. (L’Oreal is L’Oreal Hocklorf)
* I bet you are all wondering ‘How in the world does Sam and L’Oreal know Aragorn?!!!!’ Well, they are related – Their mother’s father’s brother’s daughter’s daughter’s 5th cousin twice removed. Everyone related in their family knows each other.
I hope you enjoy this chapter (And I hope you enjoyed the last one too!)!!! Please comment! I will be on vacation until Saturday the 19th, so I will comment when I get back. Now for the story!
P.S. If you did not read the last one you need to, or you might be lost. Here is the link to it:

“SHHHHHH!” Strider whispered. “There are orcs out there!!!”
“Yes, but what are you doing here, in these woods at this time? L’Oreal asked.
“Sorry! Can you please answer my question?”
“Later! Right now you need to be quiet,”
“Now, we need to escape from these woods. I need to get to the Prancing Pony in 5 days. That means we need to keep moving.” Strider explained. He thought for a minute then spoke again. “We’ll get out of these woods by the east path. That will take us about 2 days, especially with all those orcs running around. Maybe we could get out of here in 1 day if they clear out some, but it’s very unlikely. Then I’ll head to the Prancing Pony. That will take me about 3 days. Do you want to come with me?”
“I don’t know. Why do you have to go?” L’Oreal replied.
“Hush. I hear something. Keep still.” Strider told them as they ducked down and hid.
There was a rustling close by and some orcs were talking.

“Yes, yes, yes.”
“But sir, they escaped!”
“I know. Those two little elven brats just managed their way out of our sight. But we won’t let it happen again. Tell Mandork to spread the army out. Part of the army on each path.”
“Are you sure that’s a good plan?”
“Yes, Panclub!!!!! Gosh.”
“Do you want to hear MY plan?”
“Well, are you sure we can catch them this way?
“YES!! Now shut up and go tell Mandork!!!”

The two orcs left. Strider, L’Oreal, and Sam got back up on their feet.
Strider breathed a sigh of relief.
“Who’s Mandork? And Panclub?” Sam questioned.
“I don’t know; some dumb orcs?” Strider paused. “We should probably get start to head out. Let’s go!”
“Okay, and why do we have to go to this Prancing Pony again?” L’Oreal asked.
Strider sighed. “Because, I have some business to attend to there.”
“Oh. Okay.”
“You don’t have to come, but you’re welcome to if you like.” Strider said.
“We know. Sam-” She turned to look at him, “-Do you want to go?” She asked.
“Sure,” he shrugged, “I like adventures!” He replied.
“Me too! We’d love to come!” She said to Strider.
“Great. Now let’s move out!” Strider commanded.

Strider, L’Oreal, and Sam were walking in the woods and hid behind anything they could when they felt unsafe.
“L’Oreal!” Strider whispered. “Get over here! I hear something!”
“Strider, you always hear something! If a squirrel climbed up a tree you’d hide!” L’Oreal replied.
“That’s not true! I’m just being careful, that’s all.”
“Sure. Let’s keep moving. I don’t hear anything.”
Strider and Sam crept out of hiding. “Fine. But if I hear anything else….” Strider was cut off by L’Oreal.
“Yes, we’ll hide.”
“Yes.” Strider replied.
“Hey Sam!” L’Oreal cried. “You got some of that food you said you brought?”
“Yeah. Here.” He handed her a piece of bread. “But we don’t have much left.”
“Okay. That’s fine. We’ll restock at the….. What’s it called again?” L’Oreal questioned.
“The Prancing Pony.” Strider replied. “Did you bring weapons?”
“Yes! I have a sword and Sam has a bow and arrows. Of course we’d bring weapons if we were going to Rivendell!!!”
“Rivendell?!!!” Strider surprisingly asked.
“Yes, Rivendell. We are going there to meet a friend, Bilbo Baggins. We met him in the Shire when we stopped there for a rest. Said he was going to Rivendell. So, a couple weeks after he left, we decided to surprise him and meet him there.” L’Oreal explained.
“But Sam, L’Oreal, Rivendell is a long ways away from Bree. Especially for two as young as you!” Strider warned them.
“We know. That’s why we brought weapons. We expected trouble.” Sam said.
“We planned to stop somewhere in Bree to stock up on food.” L’Oreal said.
“I suggest you rethink your trip, but it’s your choice. Well, we’ll need to use your weapons. When we get to the end of the trail, where the orcs are, we will have to do some fighting.” Strider said.
“No problem.” Sam and L’Oreal chorused.
“Okay,” said Strider, “let’s ride!”

After lots of traveling, they reached the end of the path. They saw lots of orcs, maybe 100 of them, all guarding the end of the path.
“Wow.” Strider said when he saw the orcs.
Sam’s mouth was wide open. So was L’Oreal’s.
“We have to surprise them!” Strider said.
“But how?” Sam asked.
Strider smiled as he thought of a plan. “I know. Sam, L’Oreal, sneak past them. When you get out of the forest, turn around and say, “Hey! You didn’t catch us!!!” The orcs will turn around and try to kill you. “
“That’s great.” L’Oreal complained.
“Hey! Don’t interrupt me! At that moment I’ll come out of hiding and attack!” Strider finished.
“Okay, that’s fine.” L’Oreal said.
“Yes, fine with me.” Sam agreed.
“Okay then. Be off!” said Strider.
“Yes sir!” They said.
They crept past the ugly orcs as quietly as they could. Every once and a while L’Oreal stepped on a pinecone or Sam dropped his bow, but the orcs thought nothing of it. `Must be a squirrel.’ They thought. But no orc thought it was Sam or L’Oreal. Soon they reached the outside of the forest.
“I can see why we have to attack. “L’Oreal told Sam. “We can’t creep away without the orcs seeing us.”
“Sadly.” Sam said. “Okay, on the count of three. One, two three!!!!”
Then L’Oreal spoke. “Hey you big ugly horrifying orcs! Come and get us!!”
The smelly things turned around and saw them. Then Mandork cried, “CHARGE!!” The orcs ran towards the two. Sam got his bow and arrows ready and L’Oreal was ready to stab orcs with her sword. When the fight began, out came Strider! He came out and killed lots of orcs. But there were still quite a bit left. That was no problem for the three of them! Soon all the orcs were dead and they were ready to move on.
“Nice work guys!” Strider said as he surveyed the dead orcs lying on the ground.
“Awwww, thanks!” L’Oreal said.
“Are we ready to go? “Strider asked.
“I am.” Sam replied.
“I’m hungry!’ L’Oreal complained.
Strider and Sam looked at L’Oreal and rolled their eyes.
“What?” she asked.
“It’s not like we have any food left! We ate it all, remember?” Strider said.
“Yes, but I’m still hungry!”
They sighed and started walking.
“Hey!” L’Oreal cried. “Wait for me!!!!”


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