Waiting For Him – Chapter Two

by Oct 30, 2002Stories

Moonlight poured in the window of Arwen’s chamber. She collapsed on her bed, sliding on the silken sheets.

Tears poured down her alabaster cheeks, as she raised a hand to wipe them away. Two fingers rested on the Evenstar pendant at the base of her throat.

“Oh, Aragorn!” she wept, rolling onto her front. Who knew when he would be back? It was worrying enough when he was simply out performing his ranger duties. But now, knowing that his latest mission would involve the One Ring, made her blood turn to ice.

Arwen knew about his fears; she knew him. He was terrified of ending up like Isildur; of falling prey to the temptation that had brought ruin to his bloodline. Arwen knew he would do anything to prevent himself from suffering the same fate.

Someone rapped on her door. “Who is it?” she choked, brushing the tears from her face.

“Oh, Undomiel!” Elrond ran to his daughter’s side. “My child, what is wrong?”

“Nothing, Ada!” she swallowed. “It’s just… I was… Oh, forget it!” She snapped, burying her face in the pillow.

“Undomiel!” Elrond was taken aback. His daughter was never insolent, never snapped at people; especially not her father.

“I am sorry, Ada …” Arwen mumbled, not lifting her gaze. She could already those brown eyes piercing her soul.

“It is all right.” He squeezed his daughter’s hand reassuringly. “I do not know what troubles you, my daughter, but I beg you not to let it bother you like this.” Then, he sighed. “Is it about Estel?”

Arwen looked at her father in partial shock.

“I know you two are very close; not surprising, considering he is your foster-brother.” Elrond smiled obliviously. “But you must not worry. Aragorn is more than capable of taking care of himself. That is why Mithrandir and I sent him. He will be fine.”

Arwen smiled mildly, although the anxiety was still evident in her sapphire eyes.

“Get some rest.” Elrond stroked her hair, and placed a tender kiss on her brow.

“Goodnight, Ada.” She sighed, closing her eyes.

* * * * * * * * *

“Evenstar…” His voice echoed in her room.

Arwen sat up in bed, and rubbed her bleary eyes. “Estel?”

“Arwen…” He smiled, standing in her doorway. Then turning, he made to leave.

“Estel, no!” she cried, diving out of bed. Rushing to the doorway, she turned her head, frantically searching her him.

But the hall was deserted.

Sinking to her knees, Arwen buried her face in her hands, and wept. “Oh, Estel! Where are you?”



Ada: Father.


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