Visions of Valour – voices on the wind

by Mar 19, 2004Stories

“Your turn Leona.”
Leona hastily snapped out of her daydream to meet her friends enguiring faces from above her.
“She was dreaming,” laughed Roanna from high up in the leafy branches, as she deftly flung an acorn down to drop beside her friend.
Leona gave her friends an apolegic smile as she swung herself up onto the lowest branch. Roanna was right she had been dreaming. Leona sighed to herself as she recalled the latest scene that had come to her. A burning fire those heat scorched her face and singed her hair. There had been voices, foul voices and sharp nails scratching at her bare arms trying to encircle her naked wrists.
Leonas imagination was famous in the town of Lorieyn east Rohan. People marvelled at the stories and daydreams that gripped her imagination and clapped their hands in delight at her tales. But recently Leona had realised that something was wrong. Her imagination wasnt like before. The swirl of fantasy dragons and fairies had left her behind. her daydreams had become visions, visions of untold grotesque things to come and that had been.
Unlike before Leona no longer shared her visions but kept them to herself and the oblivian of her imagination.
Leona blinked and felt the intensity of her flashback leave her.
Shrugging it off, she grasped the oaken branch that stretched firmly above her and pulled herself up. Leona’s tawny hair that had broken free of its knotted braid tumbled onto her shoulders, the sunshine bringing out its bronze waves.
Heaving herself up, Leona joined her friends on the open bowers of the old tree.
They sat in a mislaid circle entranced in their game of rattle stones and sticks. Leona watched them briefly, before daringly edging out along a generous tree branch to a natural seat high from the ground.
Here Leona sat down comfortably her tanned legs swinging precautiusly from the branch in the rippling wind. Leona had discovered the oaken seat a few years before and now its natural silence offered security for her no one else could give.
Roughly twenty metres off the ground the seat offered solitude Leona yearned for.
“Really,” she thought to herself, “its a wonder I have friends.”
The verdent leaves played in front of her, the hazy emerald light dancing in patterns on her dappled leg.
Leona resisted the earge to yawn. Why did she suddenly feel so tired? Leaning back she reated against the broad oaken brow behind her. Reluctantly her eyes closed.
A gentle breeze carressed Leona into another vision.
Soothing hands were stroking her tangled hair and cool air settled on her lips like a delectable balm.
“Hush now,” came a voice soft as the wind, for the wind she was swirling around Leona in the flickering sunlight.
Leona struggled to open her sunken eyelids but every limb in her body resisted, telling her to relax and let herself be taken into the womans cool hands.
Without emotin Leona obeyed and felt the being around her sigh with releif.
Her head rolled backwards and in some part of her Leona heard voices on the wind.
“She is precious,” came a long soothing voice like a whisper but perfectly clear, “we must mind harming her at all costs for her visions are dear to us.”
“Visions,” came another from behind Leona yet all around,”yet you would sell her to orcs.”
You know as well as us that we have no choice in these matters.”
Resist the will of Saruman!” the second voice urged,” and we will forsake his will and that of Morgoth. The Valour have forseen and she lays far in life.”
Leona became aware that the second voice had drawn away the first a little and her sleepiness had evaporated as the spell was lifted away.
Silently Leona cleared her mind and concentrated. Slowely she got to her feet but immediatly felt a powerful will over hers.
“Open your eyes little one.”
Leona reluctantly let the tugging wind pull at her eyelids and she opened them.
“Come to me,” came the voice beautifulty clear in her mind and again Leona let her limbs take control.
She stepped off the side of the branch and into nothing.


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