Visions of the Valour and Rohans plea continued. – many meetings

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“NO,” came the second voice stronger than ever, and Leona felt herself begining to resist, her mind was clearing the enchantment over her breaking.
Suddenly the hands that had been so cool on her forehead began to burn her, hot blazing breathe scorched her face and a sudden hissing began in her ear.
Leona twisted her head around to keep as far away from the whistling flames as possible, yanking and scratching she tried to pull herself free and suddenly with a desperate last pull, the hissing voice retreated and the wind left her with last hissing words.
“Your mind may be strong human but you will come.”
The first Leona knew was that she was falling. Plummeting downwards there was nothing she could do before she hit the ground and she plummeted into the hard soil and to certain death……..
But there wasnt death.
Gingerly Leona opened her eyes. The sun shone through the leafy trees, and verdent patterns appeared on her face.
Catiously she patted the ground next to her but it didnt feel like grass. for one thing it was sticky, and she was swinging.
“Maybe im delerious,” Leona wondered as she swung back and forth.
“Is this heaven?” she asked aloud to the wind showering her with leaves.
Sudden voices answered her question. They were rough foul voices that made her insides shiver.Where were they from she wondered twisting around to see.
Making to sit up Leona found she couldnt.
Breathing calmly she tried again to no avail.
Panicing Leona tossed and turned like a sack of potatoes but for some reason the ground seemed to toss with her, like a wave of water imprisoning her.
” we gots somethings,” hissed a voice from below her. Leona shivered and struggled. She didnt like the voice.
From below her? Leona tried to get her aching head around it until the simplicity of it struck her. She was in a net.

It had been days since Tanais’s capture and every limb in her body ached. The crooked back of an orc she was slung over, hurt, its pointed bones were set out like a set of false teeth, each one digging into her.
They had been moving faster than usual, the treking had become longer uncomfortable hours and the coarse woodland had made it impossible to know if she was still in Rohan.
To make matters worse the guards had made it their mission to seperate her from Pippin and Merry, two hobbits she had come across also in capture.
Looking up at her dim surroundings Tanais felt her heart leap to her throat. She recodnized this place! Her mother had once taken her to the nearby town. At the thought of her mother Tanais felt tears sting her eyes but she blinked them back.
Several hours later the troup had entered a small grove and had tossed Tanais and the hobbits to the ground, warning them to stay quiet.
Tanais listened carefully, and about the whispering of the wind she could hear voices. Childrens voices.
AS the guards grew more apprenhensive Tanais felt a lump grow in side her throat, she wanted to cry out and warn the children a coarse clothe was stuffed into her mouth.
The orcs silently left her and the hobbits with a guard, to a series of scuffles following a sudden drop of wind.
The tall filthy orc beside her rubbed his grimy hands together confidently.
“Shelobs websss,” he hissed chuckling to himself.
Tanais gulped.


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