Veils of Illusion – Chapter I – Leaving Lúthien

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“No!” screamed Laerunye, the fair elven Lady, when that man began parting her legs. The elfin was scared to death, so she did obey to any of his wishes. He had threatened to kill her if she would refuse to give herself to him, like he had been killing the half of her family. Most of the Elves of Lúthien had been able to escape to Lothlórien or Rivendell or even to Númenór, the land of men, but Laerunye was too weak to fight or even run away.

And so she stayed where she was, being an easy victim to those cruel men. That man, that now had crept onto her, Emonthurin by name, placed his seed into her and then left, taking all the riches and precious things with them, leaving the pace destroyed and dead. The only elf that survived it all was Laerunye, and her heart was full of pain. It had not taken long for the conquerors to move on, thus no living elf could be found in Lúthien, except the young elven maiden. There were more cruel ways to kill the immortal elves then just taking their heads, but instant torture would even do good as well. The group set off to find some place else to kill and harm, leaving Laerunye on her own, for suffering and dying. This one man, Emonthurin, knew perfectly well that elves could not die from any injury but being raped meant for them to lose a part of their immortality and this would weaken them so much that they would die.

But one thought, Laerunye knew about what was growing inside of her, that she carried below her heart, made her pull through and survive the worst of pain. When she came down for birth and for the very first time saw the baby, she was amazed by the beauty of the small elven girl. Elves naturally are the most beautiful creatures in Middle Earth, but this baby surpassed them all. Bright as Lady Galadriel herself she was, and so Laerunye named her Márovaí, what meant ‘friendly spirit of men’s heart’, and surely, she would drive men crazy. Márovaí was all the heart and soul of her mother, and she lightened up her life to the full. Pain and harm were soon forgotten and happily the two of them lived in the forests of Lúthien, alone, in peace. When she grew up, she did not develop like a normal elf, her hair stayed short and got a touch of red gloom. This was strange, thus she was not one of the Wind-Elves, only they had red hair.

So years went by. Long years until they were found again. This time it were friends, Elves from Mirkwood, messengers from the King Thranduil. He, the king, had heard of those last two elves living so all alone in Lúthien and wanted to get to know them. He invited them to his court in Northern Mirkwood. Laerunye was sceptical at first but Márovaí made all worries fade away with just one smile. She was so excited to get to know more of the world, more of the Lands of Middle Earth that Laerunye had spoken of so often. horses were given to them, and clothes, fresh and clean. Márovaí was given a long silver dress, in which she looked even
more beautiful. One of the Mirkwood Elves, a young fair lad with long blond hair and green clothes, watched the girl, being fascinated by her from the very first moment on. He now drew his white horse near her gray one, dismounting, helping her up onto her own horse, a relatively small stallion of an awesome color. For one second she was so close to him, allowing him to breathe her lovely scent feeling her frail figure close to his body. She smiled at him and he melted in her deep green eyes that were sparkling like the stars at night.
“What is your name, dear lad?” she asked, not being shy at all. He was startled by the sweet sound of her voice, endearing and light as a bell.
“My name, my Lady, is Legolas…” There she smiled again, then made her horse move forward, leaving Legolas standing there, astounded. And so they moved out of the green forests of Lúthien and entered Mirkwood three days later, without speaking a word at all.

Arriving at the court of Thranduil, Legolas was dissapointed thus Márovaí had not talked to him throughout the whole journey, although her eyes were steadily searching his when she was not looking around. Before he now could be near her to help her off the horse, she had already jumped off the back into the grass. The silky silver dress was flowing around her body like shallow streams in the sunlight, Legolas had never seen such a beautiful woman before. His heart always missed a beat when she smiled at him, but already yet dark thoughts clouded his mind. He watched both, Mároví and Laerunye, moving towards the walls of the towers where Thranduil ruled over the Elves of Mirkwood. Inside, the king welcomed them warmly, giving them bed and rest, and food more than they could imagine, and making them stay with them. But Laerunye always thought of Lúthien, which was her homeland that she just could not forget. She grew pale and sad, and not even the love from Thranduil made her cheer up.

Within the next 200 years nothing much changed. Márovaí found so many new friends, experienced so many beautiful new things so that she missed nothing from her former life. She somehow had completely forgotten about Lúthien, seeing this her mother even grew sadder. But, at all, Márovaí did not seem to notice, although she sensed that something was wrong. Life held so much more to discover, not one day passed by without a new experience or new friends. The small grey stallion and a huge white dog never left her side and Legolas not, too. When now Legolas wanted to show her how to use bow and arrow, Márovaí was playing fun on it.
“I do not have skills like that.” Márovaí exclaimed, holding the bow.
“Everone can learn how to fight with a bow. Believe me, even I managed to learn.” Legolas smiled in a sweet way and Márovaí had to laugh. Things were just turning out to be fine and all of her best friends were around. Nalana, Legolas’ and her own sister, a very nice little elven girl at the age of 250 years, beautiful and kind, and Ewennir, an elf her own age, and fair, and not to forget Legolas, who was always caring for her. Márovaí felt like having the best time of her life.
Ewennir was very shy and reserved at first, she had been living in the deep woods of Northern Mirkwood for a long tike until she moved into the City of Thranduil, but livened up when she and Márovaí went to Lake Esgaroth for the first time. There Ewennir found out about her fondness for water. On Old Lake Esgaroth the elven girl felt, for the first time in her life, free and happy, and whilst diving into the depths of the sea, she experienced her elvish abilities. When she told Márovaí about it, she could not believe what she had heard.

“The water talks to you? And you talk back to it?” Márovaí asked, astounded.

“I cannot explain, it was really strange. I could feel the water speaking to me, and what it told me…tales and myths so old that no one remembers, older than the mountains, or the foundations of the world. It told me about the growing and settling of mankind and about the Gods of Middle Earth, and the Elves that were placed in Middle Earth by the Gods of Middle Earth.” Ewennir smiled, her eyes were shining bright. “I know now why I am meant to be. I know now why I am here…”

“I seem to understand, although I, for myself, have never experienced anything like that before. I am not sure, must every elven being have such kind of magical ability? Then, I have none that I know of.”

“Dear friend, don’t you worry. See, I have just found out about it, and so will you find out about your own when the time is right. But, you are right, not every elf inherits such powers, but I am sure that you have abilities that are to save the world.”
When Márovaí now looked at her, Ewennir seemed to have grown older and wiser. The elf smiled at her and stood up. “Can we come back here tomorrow?”
“We can come here everyday, when you wish to.” With that, Márovaí took her hand and together they made their way homewards.

From now on, Ewennir spent every day out at the shore of Lake Esgaroth, swimming, diving, speaking to the sea. Márovaí often followed her, but very soon she felt her heart longing to spend more time with Legolas. Ewennir and Nalana always smiled when they saw the two of them and did not try to keep them apart. Nalana, young as she was, was glad that her brother had finally found someone that spoke to his heart the way that Márovaí did. Nalana was always caring about both, but soon Ewennir took the role of her elder sister. She was so content with the development of her life that she did not recognize the change of her father. No one did realize it, not even Legolas, although he had been the one that was always close to him. From time to time there was something that made him wonder, but, still, Márovaí made all worries vanish with just one smile. And indeed, she smiled very often. Mostly, whenever she saw him. It felt to him like the moon and the sun rising at the same time when she appeared, or even, when he heard her amazing voice. He often listened to her learning Nalana and Ewennir the old Songs, of the Earth, the Sea and the Woods. In return Ewennir showed her how to listen to the water and how to talk to it, and Nalana trained her in archery, for herself being trained by Legolas. He often helped them to improve their skills and techniques, and after a short period of time, Márovaí thought she was better than he himself.


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