Vallairë, Lady of Lothlórien – Chapter One

by Jan 1, 2004Stories

Vallairë picked up some more speed as she dashed
through the golden woods of Lothlórien, being chased
by the King’s guards. She hoped that her hiding place
had not been found out. She had hid there many a
time before and they had not found her then. But yet,
it had been such a long time since she has last
returned so it could very well be that her secret had
been discovered. Still she raced on, hoping she would
make it before they caught up with her. For even
though she was one of the most fastest and nimble
elves of her kingdom, she knew of one who rivaled her
in speed and he was among her pursuers.
Finally she came to a familiar green meadow at the
edge of the forest and made her way south until she
came to the river Celebrant. She started as she heard
someone shouting her name.
“Vallairë! Please, I beg you…give up this tiresome
chase and come home!” they called. They were close
but she would not back down and surrender. Not this
She followed up the river until she came to a certain
small waterfall where the water was much calmer and
where there conveniently happened to be a few wide
stepping stones leading across the river. She quickly
made her way across a few stones and through the
tumbling water and into a small cavern behind the
waterfall. And just in time, for only a few moments later
the guards came within sight calling her name along
with other luring words.
“Vallairë, the King, your uncle, bids you return home
for he is worried lest you be taken from him by the
scurges of Mordor that scour the land, threatening the
These words struck a cord in her heart for she knew
they were true. Her uncle loved her dearly and she loved
him even more. But she would not succomb to being
brought back to her uncle to be put under lock and key
once more; a nightengale trapped in a cage, its’ song
withered and faded.
“Vallairë, please! We only wish your safety. We also
wish to bring you back willingly. But if we have to force
you, we must. It is your choice!”
Ha! By the sound of their voices it seemed that they
were heading in the opposite direction and they sounded
as though they were already across the rapids just as she’d
Vallairë sighed in relief as she took a loving look
around her private little cavern. It’s walls were all stone
a covered with a bright green moss that glowed and was
a source of light for the dark alcove. She brought a few
possessions here to make it more cozy, comfortable,
and loving. It was sort of like a second home for her.
There were a few of her handmade weapons and sewing
projects she had finished while she tucked herself away
here some nights. She also had a nice cot tucked in the
corner with plenty of blankets for those especially cold
nights. She liked to sneak out once in a while. Especially
when she was having one of her odd nightmares. She
would leave a note for her maid to find in the morning,
explaining that she had left early at dawn to practice her
hunting skills in the nearby wood. And that would be
partly true because she did get up early after a night
in her cavern to practice. She only thought now that she
should have been more careful and a little less naive
that she would have never been caught.
Convinced now that she was alone, she climbed into
her bed and drifted off into a peaceful sleep, not noticing
the whispers and quick movements of the elves creeping
through the waterfall and into the cavern.


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