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Eomer watched as his best friend Lady Sairalinda was in the houses of healing delivering a baby he could hear her crying and screaming in pain. By dawn the next morning Eomer was still up teaching his sons Elfwine, Eoturac how to sword fight his other son Eomund was still to young for he was but two at the time all the sudden the screaming, and crying stopped and everything seemed still and quiet. Eomer was scared half to death but then suddenly heard the sound of the baby crying. The nurses and healers came out sweaty, tired, and crying ” Mi’lord Eomer, The childis born she gave birth to a healthy baby girl with the name Valaina” Eomer stared for a minute at the beautiful baby girl with golden streaks for hair, fair skin the color of ivory, and silver blue eyes then back at the healer ” how is Lady Sairalinda” the healer looked down and replied ” She is dead mi’lord , died through child birth, her last words were give the baby to Eomer and then let go” EOmer steped back words as his whole world came caving in to darkeness the healer placed the baby girl into his hands while she was still weeping then one of the healers snapped him out of it ” King Eomer do you except the child into your home as the lady wished” Eomer paused for a minute and replied ” Aye I do except”. A few days later passed and Eomer got the horses ready to go while his older son Eotuac fifteen held Valaina in his hands. ” Fatherwas there anything else that Lady Sairalinda asked for earlier that you agreed on” Eomer looked at his son and smiled ” Yes, one other thing” ” Well what was it” asked Elfwine anxiously to get and answer ” Valaina is to marry your brother, Eomund” said Eomer laughing with an evil grin on his face.


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