Untrue Love

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Authors Note: All reviews and criticism are welcome. I understand that some of my timing and translations may be totally off but please understand that this is my frist attempt at fan fic.

Eldrenth strode briskly down the hill on which Rohan sat, and made her way to her home. She felt more anxious than she’d ever felt before. In fact, anxiety itself was a new emotion to her. She was no stranger to fear, admiration, joy and even grief, but to feel concerned to this extent was new to her. But she knew why exactly it was that she felt this way. The elf man, Legolas was his name, was leaving Edoras after just a few days. Eldrenth had fallen in love with Legolas from the moment he rode Arod (Eldrenth’s brothers horse) into Rohan. Despite feeling immensely sorrowful for the loss of her dear brother, Brana, she felt that Legolas’ presence over-compensated. Why, the tall, fair and utterly handsome elf had even comforted her family when they found out about Brana. He was kind-hearted and bold, and it was those in his small company who had returned their king to his former glory. This, in Eldrenth’s mind, made Eldrenth feel as though no greater being had ever walked the earth.
The day seemed to drag on forever. Eldrenth spent it in solitude, sitting atop the roof of her house (she had been an avid climber since her childhood days). It wasn’t until late that night that she emerged from her hiding place. She entered her house to find the object of her affections sitting in her living room, sipping tea with her mother. He stood up as she walked in the door, clearly uncomfortable. `It’s because of the way we feel about each other. I mean, I know that he loves me as I do him.’ Eldrenth walked towards him, and bade him sit down. “Please, Lord Legolas. There is no need for it.”
Legolas, however, did not sit down. Instead he murmured uncomfortably “I only came to offer my assistance before I leave tomorrow. But your mother has assured me that you shall be fine. I should therefore be leaving. It shall be a long and tiring journey tomorrow.” Eldrenth’s heart sank, but then rose again as she realised what an opportunity was rising. “Then I shall walk you out.” Legolas began to protest, but Eldrenth had already taken his arm in hers.
Eldrenth led Legolas out into the cool night breeze, where she turned to talk to him. “Oh Legolas, I don’t want you to go tomorrow. I couldn’t bear it if you were hurt.” Legolas felt extremely uncomfortable, but replied anyway. “But it’s not just not us. Didn’t you know that? Everyone is going. The king has ordered that the city is to be emptied. It was declared today” Eldrenth’s heart filled with joy. She couldn’t believe that she would be following her beloved to wherever he went. “Oh Legolas, that’s wonderful! Now we can be together!” She moved in to embrace, but was pushed away. Eldrenth was confused. Why was her beloved rejecting her? She soon found out “Eldrenth, I’m sorry. It would never work. I am an elf, and you’re a mortal. And I. I do-.” Legolas struggled to get the words out. “I don’t love you Eldrenth. I’m sorry.” The words shocked Eldrenth to the bone. She couldn’t believe his confession. Then her shock turned to dismay, and her dismay to anger. `How dare he! How dare he lead me on like that, just to turn me away like an old tunic hardly worn. The nerve of him!’ Eldrenth’s anger made her feel like slapping Legolas across the face, but she knew that she was first and foremost, a lady. Instead she just lifted her chin and said in the bravest voice she could find, “That’s alright Lord Legolas. I should have known that you thought yourself too noble for a commoner like myself. After all, I am just a young Rohirrim, and you… You are an elven prince. You’re right. It would never work.” Tears started to brim in Eldrenth’s eyes, but she refused to let Legolas see them. Legolas had a look of extreme guilt on his face and he started to console her “Eldrenth, please understand…” he said, before she cut in “Goodnight Lord Legolas. I must help my mother prepare for the leaving tomorrow.” And with that, she turned on her heel and left Legolas standing there in middle of the town. She couldn’t wait any longer before the tears started streaming down her face. She ran the rest of the way home. Legolas instead turned slowly and made his way up to Meduseld. On his way, he looked up at the sky and admired the beauty of the stars. “Oh, Elbereth! Please make her understand. She needs to know why we cannot be together. Faeg sell. Elbereth, brand i fán ned melith od sell hin. An ha faun sell, a pan sell tira*.” and with that he entered his sleeping quarters, and fell asleep almost immediately.
Eldrenth, on the other hand, had much trouble getting to sleep. She cried for a long time, before she went to bed just to lie awake thinking. Often her thoughts would turn to her thinking that it was all just a misunderstanding, but she pushed that thought quickly out. This is no time for fantasies Eldrenth. You have to think of a way to get Legolas to love you. A brilliant idea sprung into her mind, but she knew that it could not take place tomorrow, and that she would need her rest. So fell asleep, with a small smile, and the thought of Legolas on her mind.
But that night she dreamt.
Her plan to win over Legolas had failed, and he had met with another woman.She spent her life wandering Middle-earth in search of her love, until she found him residing in Mirkwood, King of the Forest, and married to a beautiful elf-woman, with shining blonde hair and eyes that mirrored the colour of the sky. Then she wandered the earth more, and found herself at the shore of the great sea. From over the sea then, a great and beautiful voice was heard.
“Eldrenth” it echoed over the sea. “I am Elbereth, wife of Manwe, and creator of the stars.”
With this Eldrenth cried also “What do you want from me? Is it you that has shown me this? I don’t understand!”
Elbereth answered “This is the future that shall befall you if you continue trying to deceive Legolas.”
Eldrenth was shocked for a moment, before she shook off the remark. “I do not believe you. I don’t deceive Legolas, I simply try to show him his true feelings. I know that he loves me.”
At this the voice became even more powerful, and it seemed full of anger “Do not question my motives! Do you not understand that Legolas does not love you at all! You try to deceive Legolas into believing that he loves you.” at this the voice became softer, and there was kindness. “I am only trying to prevent you and many others from heartbreak. What I have just shown you will come to pass. But if you give up on Legolas, then you shall find yourself happy. I foresee a generous life in the arms of another, one of your own. Now go, daughter of man. I wish you well.”
And with that the voice died down, and Eldrenth was left alone on the beach. She understood now, what Elbereth had said, and she turned back to face Middle-Earth.
Eldrenth awoke just as the sun was rising, and she realised what she must do. Quickly, she dressed, and exited he house. She ran up the hill to Meduseld, and found her way to Legolas’ sleeping quarters. She knocked loudly, and she heard the words “just a moment!” followed by rummaging as Legolas was clearly getting dressed. Then he opened the door, and a shocked look crossed his face’ “Eldren-” he began to protest before Eldrenth cut him off. “Legolas, before you say anything, I must speak to you.” She took a deep breath and told him all about her dream. When she finished, she exhaled and said kindly “I thank you, for helping me understand. And I would like if you could somehow thank your god, Elbereth. She showed me the way and I know it was you who asked her to. I understand now that I never really loved you. Anyway, I must go. Afterall, we are leaving today. Good bye Legolas.” As Eldrenth turned to leave, Legolas grabbed her arm, and gave her a small kiss on the hand. “I am honoured that such a beautiful young mortal would believe me worthy of her hand, but I am glad you have come to your senses.” With that he let her go, and she left him in peace. As she left the hall of Meduseld, she noticed her friend, a young man by the name of Grona, sitting on the steps. They smiled as she passed him by, and she felt an odd feeling in the pit of her stomach. Perhaps I am getting a stomach illness.she thought, but she knew in back of her mind just what it was. True Love (and it’s definite this time).

*Poor child. Elbereth, lift the veil of love from her eyes. For it clouds her, and all she sees.


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