Untold Journey – Chapter One: Of Volleyballs and Orcs

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Note: I don’t own any of Tolkien’s creations. I am basing this on the movie, though I may not be totally accurate. Italics in this chapter are third person point of view. Forgive any spelling or grammatical errors I have made. Tell me what you think, PLEASE!!!!!!!

“Our serve,” I thought to myself, “and it’s 16-15 us. Over with the serve Kate, YES! Return, Oh No! It’s gonna drop!!!” So I dived, and out of the corner of m eye, I saw my fellow teammate and best friend, Alex, come at it too, but as I made contact with the surface of the court, it went all –weird, I mean weird, and it felt like I was falling onto a very thin sheet of water, then through it! After penetrating the floor/thin sheet of water, I fell from the ceiling of a high stone chamber, and I fell right on top of a man that was standing in it!!!!

I rolled off him, and as he slowly got to his feet, I recognized him. The being I thought was a man, was, in fact, an elf! Pointed ears, tall, blonde, and he didn’t look a day older than 26. Standing before me, was none other than Legolas Thranduilion, the crowned Prince of Mirkwood, and standing around me, were the other members of the Fellowship of the Ring. I scanned the group, and noticed that Aragorn was not there, not standing, at least. Then I saw him, struggling to his feet, and helping a smaller figure to their feet, and that person was, Alex!

” Ivy!” she exclaimed, as she half-ran, half-stumbled toward me, but she wasn’t very coordinated because of the fall, and was sore from practice, so she bowled over Legolas, and then me. We ended up in a three-man pileup, with me on top, Legolas in the middle, and Alex on the bottom. I rolled off, and slowly and shakily got to my feet. I felt a steadying hand on my shoulder, and looked up into eyes of Aragorn. Knowing he was the heir to the throne of Gondor, I quickly stepped away, bowed respectfully, and mumbled, “Aragorn Elessar.” Aragorn looked shocked, I guess because not many people knew his true identity, and maybe also because I was still dressed in my volleyball uniform, kneepads and all.

At that moment, I heard Legolas ask Alex, ” Are you injured? Are you hurt at all?” Alex just groaned and grabbed her left shin. Then he lifted her from the floor and carried her over to a more comfortable place, (though I don’t see any way that any place made of stone could ever be comfortable) and started examining her leg. It was then that I actually looked at my surroundings, I mean actually looked, not just glanced. As I gazed around, my mind put the pieces together, and it dawned on me that I was standing in Moria.

Legolas had watched as someone who had fallen from the ceiling hit Aragorn, and than surprised as someone also fell on him! The person who had fallen on him rolled off, and stood up. He got to his feet slowly, because he was half expecting something else to fall
from the ceiling and hit him.

Seeing that the figure standing before him was all right, and looking away, he turned his attention to Aragorn, who was helping the other figure to her feet. This figure seemed to recognize the person standing next to him, and yelled something as they struggled toward them. When she had reached them, she tripped and came flying at them, and they were all knocked off their feet.

Legolas found himself in the middle of the pile of three, and he stiffened as the person on the top rolled of, and slowly stood. Legolas got off the figure on the bottom, and knelt next to the small girl still lying on the ground. He knew that he was much larger and heavier than she, and asked with concern in his voice, ” Are you injured? Are you hurt at all?” When she just groaned and clutched her leg, he took that as a yes, and carefully lifted her from the floor, carried her to a more adequate place, and examined her leg.

As I finally tore my eyes from the chamber, I walked over to where Alex sat. Aragorn had followed me, and gave Legolas a questioning look.

” Her leg is not badly injured, only bruised,” stated Legolas in answer to Aragorn’s unvoiced inquiry. Then he stood up abruptly and stood very still, listening, I expect. Then I heard it too. Drums.

“Orcs!” said Legolas simply, and Boromir ran to the doors of the chamber and narrowly missed being skewered by two orc arrows.

Aragon yelled to the hobbits, “Stay close to Gandalf!” which, it seemed to me, they were more than willing to do.

Then he, Legolas and I rushed toward the door, and Boromir told us, “They have a cave troll.” Aragorn and Boromir grabbed an axe and barricaded the door, then Legolas tossed another one to them, and they placed it with the other.

Alex had come up behind us and said in an undertone to me, ” How are we going to fight? We don’t have a sword or bow!”

“I could ask Legolas for the use of his longknives. We wouldn’t be totally defenseless.” I told her, even though I wasn’t so sure myself. So that’s what I did, I stood beside Legolas and voiced my request in the shortest way possible, “Legolas, my friend and I have no weapons, and we were wondering if we could borrow your longknives?”

Legolas pulled his knives from their fastenings, and handed them to me with the statement, “Be careful, and may the Valar protect you.”

With the knives in my hands, I walked back to Alex, and handed her one, but she held up a knife of her own and told me that Aragorn had given it to her for her protection. So I took the knife back, and held the knives in my hands, and waited as the orcs tried to get in.

Legolas loosed the first arrow, and it met its mark, as the orc screamed I pain. Aragorn was next, and he too aimed true. Orcs flooded in, and Legolas and Aragorn met them head on. Orcs came at anything that moved, and it wasn’t long before an orc noticed me, and attacked, but he wasn’t looking at my hand, which came at him, hard.

My fist connected with the side of his face, and he staggered, giving me time to `slice and dice’, as Alex called it, and I would say he was quite dead. Alex did much the same thing with her orc, as they kept coming. One orc, a particularly large one, took me more than a few `slice and dice’ moves to even weaken it, and I called to Legolas, ” Don’t these things ever give up?” He just laughed, and loosed an arrow at the troublesome orc, and the creature slumped over, dead.

There was a sound of cracking stone, and I whirled around and stood face to face with a cave troll! Sam was in front of me, and he dived between the cave troll’s legs to avoid being crushed with its club. I was not so lucky, because in the absence of Sam, I was the person in front of him, so I had to move very quickly to avoid his club until Legolas fired an arrow at the troll, and it turned its attention to him.

Toward the end of the battle, I figured out a neat twirl-stab-slice, and I was on the stab when I felt an excruciating pain in my left shoulder, and then an earsplitting crack, as my shoulder bones broke apart. The knife in my left hand slid to the floor, as the orc swung his sword up, and was about to slice downward, but Legolas noticed, and the orc was dead before he hit the ground next to me.

A moment later, I heard an earth-shattering thud, and I looked around to see the cave troll lying on the ground, dead. Then I noticed Aragorn kneeling next to Frodo, who was face down. Then I understood, he had been stabbed by the cave troll. Aragorn turned him over, and I heard Sam say, “He’s alive,” as Frodo gasped, ” I’m alright, I’m not hurt,” as he sat up.

“You should be dead,” said an astonished Aragorn, “That spear would have skewered a wild boar!”

“I think there’s more to this hobbit than meets the eye,” offered Gandalf, and Frodo pulled apart the top part of his shirt, and underneath was, mithril.

“You are full of surprises, Master Baggins,” said Gimli approvingly. At that moment, there was a shrill cry, and Gandalf said urgently, “To the bridge of Khazad-Dûm!”

So we ran. With every step I took, my shoulder throbbed. Alex ran beside me, and I noticed that she had a cut above her right eye, and a gash on her hand. Concerned, I asked if she was all right, and she answered that she was okay, but not in the best condition ever. We ran hard, but were quickly surrounded by orcs. Suddenly there was a roar, and a red light appeared at the end of the chamber behind us. The orcs were terrified, and they fled up the columns. Gimli laughed, but I think it was more to cover his fear.

Then Boromir voiced the question that was also in my mind, “What is this new devilry?”

Gandalf answered in a low voice, “A balrog. A demon of the ancient world. This foe is beyond any of you. Run!” At his last word, we seemed to regain the use of our legs, and ran.

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