Unknown Secrets

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A maid walked into Nienna’s private quarters, set her traveling clothes out on her dresser, refilled her washing bowl. "Wake up Milady, you are to leave within the hour," the maid said. Nienna stretched her arms out and yawned. "Your clothes have been packed Milady, and your bath has been drawn."

"Thank you," she said improperly since she was still waking up. Nienna put her robe on and strutted through the hallway to a room with steam coming out of it. Maids were everywhere, they shut the door behind her and removed her robe. Nienna stripped her night shift off and walked in to the pool. The maid started laying pink rose petals on the bath water, oils were being poured and soaps left beside the bath in reach of Nienna. The maids left her to have her personal space.

Soon after that someone knocked on the door. "Don’t come in," Nienna yelled. Nienna jumped out of the pool, dried off, put her dress on and did her hair. She walked out of the room with her chin up; Orphian sat in a chair next to the door. "So I’m guessing you are to escort me down to the entrance," the noble maiden asked.

"Yes I am," he said. They started on their way down to the entrance, when Nienna started a conversation.

"So what is your home like?"

"Well that is a surprise for you… my brother has taken a liking to you,” Orphian stated.

"You can tell him he has my favor."

"You yield so easy, better not show that vulnerability in Lorien for many elf’s will seek to bed you," Orphian stated. Nienna’s blush turned in to a serious face.

"Thank you for your concern." They walked down to the entrance way. "Ada, I will miss you dearly, come and visit," Nienna asked. A tear came down his check for he knew he couldn’t. "Ada". Her smile turned into a worried frown.

"Nienna, I can not come to visit, you will be in the care of Lorien until they seen you fit to come home," Elladan said with a stern face.

"Poppy, Granada tell me he isn’t serious," Nienna asked. Tears were now streaming down her face. Her father came up to her; he cupped her face in his hands.

"There’s my lady of tears, you shall be safe, good bye," Ellladan said.

"Good bye Nienna," Elrond said. Nienna tried to stop her tears but couldn’t. She hugged her father and grandfather good bye. Haldir helped her mount her horse, and they began there journey.


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