Unfair – Little Estel has a bad day

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Disclaimer: I wish I do own LOTR! I’d be rich and not here talking to you guys. No money has been made from it and it has NOT been beta’d. Read Appendix A in the back of ROTK: here follows the tale of Aragorn and Arwen. Also reading the Hobbit helps to understand where I get stuff from. Also aragorn-legolas.5u.com has become what I base my stories on now. (Gonna have to go back and edit to make previous stories fit, oh well). Who you do not recognize is probably mine. Too many OC’s to count! Every thing else belongs to Tolkien.

A/N: (Title does not exactly go) I know very little Elvish and Elvish names so a lot of the names are made up. This is based on actual events. I woke up April 07, 2005, just like Estel. Went to school and what happened between Estel and his friends happened to me. Only “Invaders and Battle Strategies” was an Invader Zim DVD. I wrote this story in hopes of making me feel better. It did a little. The bullies were not real. Nor what happens later in the story, but I think I got a good story out of it. I am happy to say that “Amendur” and I HAVE made up and everything is rosie now. On with the story! (please forgive the length of all of the above )

He cried silently in the corner of his room where he sat. His knees drawn up to his chest. Head bowed down and arms wrapped around his knees. He could not stop the tears. He did not want to either. He figured he would feel better was it was out of his system.

He crashed to the floor where he was tripped by Kalmur, one of the bullies.
“Serves you right for being human!” one shouted.
“We don’t want your kind here!” shouted another. Estel slowly started to get up.
“Men are weak, even their children!”
The day was going terrible. Generally there was at least on taunt a day, but today hey felt he had lost a friendship…….

*~earlier that morning~*
Estel joyfully kicked off his covers and got dressed. He was in a very good mood today and no one can spoil it! After getting dressed, he raced downstairs for breakfast. He ate his breakfast quickly so that he would have enough time to play with his older, adoptive brothers Elladan and Elrohir. Elrohir was the first to walk in. The eight year old gave Elrohir a big hug and smiled gleefully.
“Hurry up, ‘Ro, so we can play!”
“I’ll try to,” smiled Elrohir and he sat down to eat. His twin entered a few minutes later. Estel jumped up from his seat and ran over to Elladan.
“Come on! Come on! We do not have much time!” Just then his adoptive father, Lord Elrond, master of Rivendell walked in.
“Estel, it’s time for school,” said the wise elf.
“Just five more minutes! Please,” Estel begged with the most adorable look that works on everyone most of the time to get something he wanted. It was too irresistible.
“Nice try, Estel, but you got to go to school.”
“Awww,” Estel ran off to school.
When Estel entered the school, he saw his little group of friends he hung out with. He walked up to them with a bright smile and a cheery attitude. He snuck up behind one of them ever so silently and poked Sabbynir in the shoulder.
“Get away from me Estel!” shouted Sabbynir. It did not hurt Estel’s feelings that much. Sabbynir was a good friend and Estel was used to Sabbynir’s moods. So Estel walked over to Sethan.
“Where’s Astyl?” he asked.
“He’s not here,” replied Sethan. Estel looked over at Amendur and spied “Invasions and Battle Strategies” a book of short stories that Estel liked. Estel picked it up and exclaimed, “You brought ‘Invasions and Battle Strategies’!”
“Leave my stuff alone!” yelled Amendur ferociously and snatched it out of Estel’s hands and slammed it down. Estel and Amendur were not real close friends but Estel still considered Amendur a friend, but Estel’s feelings were hurt and hurt bad, but Estel did nit want to cry in front of his friends. Instead, Estel went to cllol. He felt miserable all day. Then on his way home he ran into Kalmur and his friends.

After that he just ran home. He ran upstairs to his room. He slammed his door and shut it and locked it.
He heard a knock on his door. “Estel?” Elladan and the rest of the family knew that Estel had problems fitting in around the Elves. Estel heard but did not answer. He did not want his family to see him and think he was weak.
Outside the door, Elladan sighed and walked back downstairs. Elladan had sworn that he would protect the child after Estel’s parents died, so everyone felt it was up to Elladan to heal Estel’s emotional hurts when Lord Elrond was unable to. He was told about Estel as soon as he and his brother got back from their daily hunt and went to check on Estel. When dinner time came around, the council meeting finally finished. Lord Elrond and his guests walked into the dining hall. Lord Elrond noticed Estel’s empty chair.
“Where’s your brother?” he asked Elladan.
“He’s locked himself in his room again and he will not let anyone in,” Elladan answered.
“If you will excuse me for a moment gentlemen,” Lord Elrond and the twins went upstairs. The guests were dumbfounded. Their leader, Muinor pulled a handmaiden aside.
“I did not know Lord Elrond had three sons. Who is this son?” inquired Muinor.
“Estel is adopted. The poor things parents died when he was two years old by orcs. What’s worse, he witnessed it,” she replied,” the twins tried to save the parents but failed.”
“He lives?” asked a stunned ranger.
“Well I should think so if-” Muinor and the others raced upstairs. They found Lord Elrond and his sons talking to a closed door.
“Estel open the door now please,” pleaded Lord Elrond. Muinor approached.
“If I may be of lolistance, Lord Elrond,” Muinor knelt down and picked the lock.
“Thank you, Muinor,” Lord Elrond opened the door and found the room empty.
“Estel? Estel?”
Estel had climbed out the balcony, down the vines, and into the gardens. He found a nice, stone bench and sat down. During the council, Muinor’s wife, Gwynith, and son, Halbarad took a walk around Rivendell. They now came to the gardens and Gwynith sat down on a bench.
“Naneth*, I am going to walk around some more,” said Halbarad.
“All right, but do not go too far.” Halbarad scampered off. A few minutes later he found a boy about his age sitting alone on a bench.
“Hallo, what’s your name?” he asked.
“Estel,” came a mumbled reply. The boy called “Estel” did not even look up.
“My name’s Halbarad. My naneth is down the path there. My ada’s* inside talking to Lord Elrond about something. Where are your parents?”
“My real parents are dead. My adoptive family is inside.” Estel still did not look up.
“Lord Elrond adopted you? Wow, most orphans land in orphanages. I did not know Elves were so generous!” Estel looked up and saw that Halbarad was a human just like him.
“You’re a human?”
“I think so.”
“I never met another human before.”
“So what are you doing out here all by yourself?”
“I had a bad day.”
“How about making your bad day end good?”
“We become friends.”
“But when will I see you again?”
“I dunno, but we can write to each other.”
“I guess so.”
“We probably will not see each other again.”
“Probably…….This is so unfair!”
“What is?”
“Being different. My ada will not let me near the borders of Imladris*”
“It is good to be different and your ada will let you someday.” Both smiled and their friendship began. It turned out that Halbarad was Estel’s cousin. Muinor was Arathorn’s* younger brother. Unfortunately, Halbarad died in battle, against the forces of Sauron, while two little hobbits made their way to Mt. Doom.


Naneth- mother
Ada- father, daddy, dad
Imladris- Rivendell
Arathorn- (in case ya did not know) Estel’s father.


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