Twisted Reality – Part Thirteen: The Golden Hall

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A quick note before you start, I have adopted Lady_Shinigami’s way to write Elvish dialoge (I will use ‘[]’ instead of regular quotation marks). And Haldir knows Kelsey went to Mirkwood, but he thought she was on business. Hope you like it! And sorry if it’s not long enough.

Part Thirteen

“How could I have let him do that?” Kelsey spoke into the night. “How could I have let me do that?”

It was a starry night; the full moon cast a pale glow over the open plain as she lay on her back, gazing at the sky, as if I would offer her answers to the questions that plagued her mind. She was not quite to Edoras yet, but she was undoubtably in Rohan.

That morning a small band of Rohirrim had gone perpendicular to her path, far enough off for them not to have seen the lone woman, but close enough for her to see them. She had seen them enter an outpost, most likely to get some much needed rest and fresh horses. Even now, the conditions in the East were not going well. Staying clear of them, she continued on, taking more care in her step now that she had seen other human life again.

“My mother always said this would happen,” she smiled bitterly at herself. Once, she had been so sure she would never, could[/] never, get mixed up with all this relationship business. Yet, of course, mother is always right. Another choice of love had presented itself.

She was engaged to Haldir, yes, and she loved him, almost to the point that it made her sick. But that kiss…that sweet kiss…the was something about it that shook her deep inside. Haldir had never kissed her like Legolas had, not once.

Kelsey laughed out loud, startling her horse. “Oh, forgive me Arieldei; I didn’t mena to scare you,” she said as she rose and went to stand by the mare. Her coat took on a silver sheen in this light. Kelsey had laughed because, before she fell in love with Haldir, she would have given anything to be kissed by the Mirkwood Prince. But now that she had, she would have given anything to take it away.


[Call for Haldir. I must speak with him,] Aragorn said to Orophin. He had come back to Lorien, though only long enough to take quick council, because he felt he had to tell Haldir about Kelsey. The Man had guessed correctly that Galadriel already knew.

The Elf made a sound like a bird call that was both high-pitched and loud. It was only a few moments before the Captain on the Guard appeared before them. He dropped soundlessly from a nearby tree and strode gracefully to them.

“Aragorn!” Haldir seemed both surprised and dissapointed that it was he.

“Do not sound so distraught, my friend. I bear news of the one you love,” replied Aragorn.

Haldir said to Orophin, [Return to your post, we need all the watchers out tonight. Something has been amiss lately] he seemed to say this last part to Aragorn more than Orophin. He turned to Elessar, “What is it?”

Haldir’s eyes glistened with hope, which made his heart wrench inside his chest, “I don’t know if it happened here, but the day before Kelsey was planning to come back, a storm flooded the Forest River, delaying her leave for three days.” he paused, hesitating to go on.

“And…” was the Captain’s anxious reply.

“The morning she was going to leave, I found her in the stables getting ready to leave. I told her that I would be traveling with her, but would not stop here, and instead I would continue on to Bree on the other side of the Mountains,” again he stopped.


“I took my horse outside, for she still had to finish packing her own; you know how women are sometimes, it takes them ages to get ready. I heard her horse leave the stable almost dangerously fast, so I ran back inside. When I got there, she was gone.”

He waited for Haldir to say something, but he remained exactly as he had been, only his eyes showed that he was still alive. Aragorn had seen that look before, only on a different elf’s face. That same shocked look Legolas’s had shown when Kelsey left him alone with the horses.

“She went to Rohan…Edoras, the capitol city. She will be waiting there,” he broke the silence.

Haldir stirred and said, “I’m going after her.”

“You can’t.”


“She said not to…”

Haldir’s face held a look of sudden realization, “How could you know, if you weren’t in the stables when she left?”

Aragorn was afraid he would notice the flaw in the story, “Legolas, son of King Thranduil, was with her when she went. He told me after she ran away.”


Kelsey drew slowly up to the gate to the city, fearful of the people’s reaction to a stranger in these days. She dismounted and led Arieldei through the streets. She had never been here before, so she really didn’t know where anything was; that is, except for the Golden Hall.

It stood high upon a hill, exactly as in the movie. It wasn’t a huge building, but it was big enough. Living up to its name, the roof had a gold tint when you looked at it just right, and the pillars had characters, mostly of horses, etched in gold upon the smooth surface.

The Hunter stopped and asked a young boy where the stables were. He seemed curious as to why a lady would be wearing clothing like she was, but he showed her the way.

After she put up Arieldei, the boy was still following her. She wasn’t about to rudely inform him that she needed to see the King, so she asked, “Would you like to take me on a tour of you city?”

“Hm, I suppose mother wouldn’t mind, but I have to be home before dark,” said Eonied, for that was the boy’s name.

“Well then, let’s get cracking,” she said as she offered her arm.

“‘Cracking?'” he repeated as he took her arm, guiding her through the streets.

“Where I come from, when we say ‘let’s get cracking’, it means ‘let’s get going’, or something close to it. So, where are you taking me?”

“First, I think I’ll show you to an inn worthy of your presence.”

She smirked and said in her most Romeo-and-Julietest voice, “Oh, good sir, you flatter me.”

“Nay, you are far more beautiful than any lady I have seen… even my sister.”

Kelsey just laughed.


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