Twisted Reality – Part 6: The Meeting

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Needless to say, she got almost no sleep that night. Not because of her dream, but of Haldir. Of all the elves in Middle-earth, he was the last person Kelsey could think of that would do that. Just kiss her out of nowhere. It wasn’t that she didn’t like it, it was that it took her by surprise. Was she falling for him too?

She got ready, dressing in her regular clothes for fighting: a form-fitting long-sleeve shirt, dull gray, and greenish leggings with boots to match. She pulled her hair up into a half-ponytail and strapped on her sheath. The sword she had been given was very interesting.

It was called Narsilia, the sister-sword of Narsil, the Sword that was Broken. It was about four feet long, almost a foot shorter than the latter mentioned sword. Not of renown as great as Narsil, it was only known to be in existance by few. It seemed to be made for her, it fit her hand well and she wielded it excellently.

Walking to the practice field, she stopped. An unfamiliar voice could be heard about thirty feet in front of her.

“Why does she wish to meet me?” it asked.

Haldir’s deep elvish voice replied, “Something about a ring. I don’t quite know why, but she reminds me of you, a little.”

She whispered, thinking out loud, “Aragorn?” The two men turned as she crashed through the remainder of the forest. Kelsey came into the clearing.

“This is Kelsey Hunter, as I’ve told you before.” introduced Haldir, gesturing to the girl.

The two mortals just looked at each other. Kelsey stared at Aragorn, so surprised to see him. He looked so different, yet the same as Viggo. Aragorn stared at Kelsey because she looked exactly like Gilrean, his mother.

“Mae govannen.” he said, his voice was almost the same, too. He extended his hand.

“Mae govannen.” she responded, taking his hand.

Aragorn was dressed as a Ranger, but he still had the kingly air about him described so well in the books. He looked less worried than Kelsey would have imagined him. Almost young; clearly the blood of Númenor ran true in his veins.

Haldir spoke to Kelsey now, “I have been called on errand to Rivendell. You can practice with Aragorn, here, or do whatever it is you wish. Farewell.” he wished to kiss her goodbye, but restrained himself from doing so in front of Aragorn.

“Bye.” she said, giving him a reasuring smile. He strode out of the clearing and off towards the stables.

“Have we met before?” asked Aragorn, feeling a connection more than just her looking like his mom.

“I don’t think so,” she responded. Did he feel a bond, too?

“How old are you?” he was just a little bit shocked by her young appearence.

“Where I come from, it’s not polite to ask a woman her age,” then she said as he was opening his mouth to apologize, “I’m nineteen.”

“I feel like I know you from somewhere. Are you sure we haven’t met?”

“Yes, I’m sure we haven’t met before. Don’t think I’m crazy, but… can I see your hands?”

He raised his eyebrows, but obliged. She was looking for the ring. It wasn’t on his right hand, but… he didn’t wear it on his right hand. She was almost too scared to look at the left. It was there.

She laughed softly.

“Why do you laugh?”

She looked into his eyes, took off her ring and held it before him in her hand. “Because I’m your granddaughter ages from now.”


Aragorn looked from his ring to her ring. They were exactly the same. The emerald, the snakes, the gold accents… how? Then they both gasped. His ring dissapeared from his finger, much as the Morgul-blade had after Frodo was stabbed in the future.

“What happened?!” he cried. “I was…” but his voice caught in his throat.

Kelsey smiled, saying softly, “You were going to give it to Arwen to finalize your troth with her on Cerin Amroth tonight.”

He stared at her. “How…”

“Here, use this one,” she pressed the ring into his hand, “I think they are the same anyway.”

“How did you get it? And why did mine disappear?” he put Kelsey’s ring on his left index finger, as always. It fit perfectly.

“As I told you before, I think you’re my ancestor, though many generations seperate us. I suppose this is the real one, and it was passed down generation to generation to the women of our house. After all, you are giving it to Arwen, are you not? I also needed a reason to come to Middle-earth, I told you I was from the future. I guess without this, you and the Evenstar would never have married, that being the end of your bloodline. Our bloodline.”

His face cracked into a smile. “Well, whoever you are, I am sure you speak the truth. And for saving my bloodline, I thank you.”

“How do you know I’m speaking the truth? I mean, I believe I am, but how do you know?”

“You look like my mother when she was young. Well, relatively young.”

She smiled back. “Really?”

“Yes. Except for the eyes. Your eyes are brighter than hers were. You have Arwen’s eyes. Mother had brown eyes.” he seemed to be lost in some long-lost memory of his mother. He shook himself back to reality, “So, do you consider yourself to be strong?”


He drew his sword, “Well, Haldir said you had sword-practice today, and I would like to see if you’re any good. See if my decendants can take care of themselves.”

Her sword flashed out of its sheath.

Aragorn stared at the sword for a few moments. “You are most definitely of the blood of the Kings of the West, however minimally, to be able to wield that sword. Narsilia, the sister-sword, is it not?”

“Yes, they are one in the same. Now, are we going to fight or what?”

Note: I hope this was long enough for you guys. I had to write it under cover of darkness, my mom says I spend too much time on the internet. I was almost banned. Hope you liked it. It will have to do for about three days, so enjoy! Farewell!


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