Twisted Reality – Part 3: Eithiel

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Galadriel led her out of the meeting chamber and over one of the bridges spanning the gap of the trees. She went down a spiral staircase, then turned left. Everywhere there was this soft light. Kelsey thought it was amazing. She saw only three or four elves on the way. She figured they had already retired to their rooms. Galadriel stopped at a door with a silver vine extending out from the doorknob; it reached almost the other side of the door.

“This is where you will sleep while you remain here.” Galadriel said as she opened the door. Kelsey strode in and took a gander.

There was a tall bed to her right, and a wardrobe to her left about five feet ahead. There was a table next to a chair in front of the bed, which had three books on top of it. One was green, one a dusty red, and the other a faded brown. One was written in Elvish, but the others were in the common tongue. The opposite wall opened to a set of three stairs leading down onto a wide balcony.

“It’s wonderful. Thank you.” she turned to Galadriel with warm eyes. She meant ‘Thank you’ for more than just giving her a room; she meant it for giving her the chance to be in Middle-earth.

“I’ll send someone to wake you in the morning. Then maybe we can speak some more.” the Lady left the room, closing the door softly behind her.

Kelsey walked to the stairs, but paused before she actually walked down them. She leaned against the frame. ‘What am I going to do?’ she thought to herself. ‘Learn elvish, train with swords, travel to other places.’ she answered herself. Kelsey grinned ‘I sound like Gollum now.’
Then she said outloud, “I wonder if I will ever see Legolas, or Aragorn. Or Arwen. Or any of the Fellowship.”

“Do you know the Prince of Mirkwood?” came a voice behind her.

Kelsey jumped nearly three feet off the floor “Don’t do that!” she said as she turned. “You scared me to death, Haldir. What are you doing here, anyway?”

“I just came to check on you. Do you need anything?” For some reason he felt as if he needed to protect her, he felt needed to be near to her for some reason. Not romantically, she was only 13, but all the same…

“No. I’m good.” she wondered why he hadn’t said anything when he came in. He could have been there the whole time she had been thinking.

“Alright. See you in the morning then.” and he left.

Kelsey fingered her ring. Why had it remained, when none of any of her other jewelry had not? Was she a decendant of Aragorn? Was this his ring, had it survived over thousands of years to come to her? She looked over to the books. The title of the red one was “The History of the Elves”, the green one was written in elvish, but was something about ‘darkness’ because it had ‘mor’ in the title, and the brown one was called “The Account of Luthien and Beren”.
That last title caught Kelsey’s eye. She had always wanted to hear the full tale, and now she could read it. She picked up the book and took it over to the bed, and sat down. The first chapter was a bit boring, as it was the introduction and all, but it soon was so interesting it was impossible to put down. Kelsey had always enjoyed reading; she’d read the fourth Harry Potter book in 2 days, and the Fellowship in 4. She got about halfway through it when she fell asleep.


“Wake up, Lady Kelsey, wake up!” someone was prodding her in the shoulder. She opened her eyes to see a fair young elf appearing about her age trying to wake her.

“Hi. Please, call me Kelsey.” she said as she rubbed the gunk out of her eyes.

“Good morning. My name is Eithiel. The Lady sent me to get you.” the girl said as she looked Kelsey over. She had blonde hair that reached down to her elbows, and the trademark light elven eyes. She was thinner than Kelsey, but not by much.

Kelsey stood as Eithiel went to the wardrobe and picked out an outfit. The elf was wearing a long dress with no sleeves; it was white and was made out of a silky cotton. She pulled out a light blue dress with quarter-length sleeves.

“You’re tall for a mortal, especially a young one.” Eithiel commented as she brought the dress before Kelsey. “How is this?”

“Um… I don’t usually wear dresses. But I suppose this will do.” Kelsey took the dress. “You said I was young. How old are you?”

Eithiel turned as Kelsey began to change. “I’m 137. Elves age slowly until we are about four-thousand, then we kind of don’t age at all. How old are you, the Lady didn’t tell me?”

“I’m 13. And I’m finished changing. So, where are you taking me?” She was glad, since she had to wear a dress, that it covered most of her. The neck dipped a bit, but the back came up higher than a normal elven dress.

“The same place you were last night. But if you wish to see some of the rest of Lorien, I am allowed to show you around.” Eithiel clearly didn’t want to go just yet, as she looked at Kelsey with pleading eyes. Kelsey did want to see the remainder of Lorien, and with another kid to show her around, it would be fun.

“Yeah, that would be so cool!” It was clear that they were going to be fast friends.

“Cool?” asked the elf as she led the mortal out of the room.

“It means wonderful, nice, cool.”

“Oh. Cool.” as the girls exploded in fits of laughter that was heard by another elf who was walking near the bottom of the tree. The girls decended the stairs and came face-to-face with Celeborn. They immediately stopped laughing. Eithiel bowed, saying “My Lord” and Kelsey had enough of her wits left to do the same.

He bobbed his head a little in recognition to their loyalty. “You are the newcomer, are you not?”

Kelsey nodded “Yes, sir.”

“I suppose you are going to see the rest of Lorien before coming to council?” he had an amused glimmer in his eye.

“You don’t mind, do you, because it can wait…”

“No. That’s alright. Go ahead,” he turned to Eithiel,” and don’t keep her away too long.”

They bowed again as he left.

“That was Lord Celeborn.” Eithiel explained as they resumed walking. They were heading in the general direction of the river.

“I know.” Kelsey anwered in return.


“I’ve seen him before.” Of course, it had been in the movies, but Kelsey didn’t go to far into the subject before Eithiel started telling her about Lorien, pointing places out, and introducing her to ‘young’ elves like herself.


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