Twisted Reality – Part 1: The Meeting

by Mar 17, 2003Stories

He gazed over the plains. No orcs had been sighted for two weeks, so why did he have to be out here on watch, when he could have been at home? He whipped around. What was that? One of the trees near the one he had been sitting in was swaying slightly. Then he heard it. CRACK! Lightening. But no clouds… curious. Then he saw her.

She appeared about two, maybe three miles out. He could see her perfectly, his bright elven eyes a piercing gray/blue. She didn’t appear to be elven, but she was tall for the race of Men. How strangely she dressed! Some sort of short breeches, with a check mark on the left leg, and a white shirt with short sleeves that read ‘2002 Cotton Bowl’. She wasn’t armed, not even a short dagger. Where had she come from?


She felt as if her jaw would drop to the ground. Then she clutched her stomach; she was going to be sick. About a minute later she bent over and heaved. She was shaking horribly. A few beads of sweat formed on her brow as she straightened up, she thought she would faint. Was she really here? Or was she dreaming? Who knew?


He leapt cautiously out of the tree and crept onto the grass. Extremely intrigued, he wanted to meet her. She noticed him once he was within about 300 yards, and walked, though just barely, toward him. He realized then that she was young, perhaps not even in her twenties. Suddenly he was worried for her safety, and jogged faster to her.

He said something, though she couldn’t tell what he’d said. She realized it was elvish. “Please, use the common tongue, I don’t know elvish.” She’d read the LOTR books about three times, so she sort of knew what was going on. Sort of.

“Who are you, and where did you come from?” His hair was a white-blonde, and he was about six inches taller than her.

“My name’s Kelsey. I come from…” I can’t tell him I’m from Arkansas, she thought…”I’m from the south.”


“I guess you could call it that. Where am I?” Her nerves had calmed slightly, though she was still shaky.

“Outside of Lothlorien.” he motioned to the woods behind him.

“Oh my gosh.” she whispered. Her hand flew to her golden blonde head as she swallowed hard. “This is too much. What’s your name?” (she thought ‘please don’t be Haldir, please don’t be Haldir)


“Do you mind if I sit down, for a minute?” Her heart was pumping so fast she feared it would explode out of her chest. She didn’t even wait for his answer, and sat down right there. Then she noticed something. Her bracelets, her necklace, even her socks were gone.

She figured, though about a million questions flew inside her head, stuff from the future must not have made it. Thankfully, she had been permitted to keep her clothes. She looked at her left hand.

She usually wore a ring on her left middle finger. She bought it on the internet; it was Barahir, Aragorn’s ring. Two serpents entertwined around an emerald. It was still there.

“What day is it?” She was afraid, deathly afraid of the answer. Her voice barely escaped her dry throat.

“May the 18th, 1391*. Why?”

“Well, at least I have ten years until the War of the Ring…” she said looking at the ground. “Is there any way I can see Galadriel?”

“I…well, I’d have to check. Are you alright?” she had turned slightly pale, with a tinge of green.

“Yeah. I’m fine. I just need to see Galadriel. Please, can you take me to her?” Her eyes were pleading. He gave in.

“Alright, but I don’t know if she will see you.” He walked off toward the trees again. ‘She will when I tell her of what I know’ she thought as she followed him.

“What’s it like to live forever?” she had always wondered, now was her chance to find out.

“Long.” he said.

*This is according to the Shire calendar, then years before the Lord of the Rings took place.


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