Twinkling Eyes ~ Chapter 1

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Failariël burst through dense trees into a tranquil meadow, panting heavily. A startled doe and her fawn bounded out of the clearing and quickly shrouded themselves within a thicket. Failariël did not pay attention to the deer, but instead, looked over her shoulder, catching a glimpse of a small boy entering the meadow. She shrieked with excitement and continued running, pursued closely by the other.

"You can’t catch me, Aerandir!" cried Failariël, taunting the small boy. The boy quickened his pace, in a hopeless attempt to catch up.

After a few minutes, the boy slowed and fell to his knees, exhausted. "Failariël! Wait!" he called to her, gasping for air. " win!"

The girl stopped, smiling at her companion’s surrender, and walked towards him. Failariël looked down at him, smirking when she saw fatigue in his eyes. "I told you that no one in Lorien could outrun me! Not even you!"

Aerandir grumbled, "I know! I know! I’m sorry that I tainted your pride!" Failariël helped him up, and his sides continued to heave from the effort.

Failariël looked at Aerandir as they began to walk back towards Caras Galadhon. She glanced at his eyes as the sunlight shone upon them. Oddly enough, one was a deep brown, and the other was a brilliant green. Thoughts of Aerandir passed through her mind as the two traversed side by side. She had known him since infancy, and was rarely parted from him.

When they were younger, other elvish children would not accept him, as they were influenced by his peculiar features. But she, she possessed an air of compassion, and took pity on him. She conversed with him, and drove off others who did not approve. A sacred trust was fused between them, from then on.

She turned to Aerandir and gave him a broad smile. Failariël suddenly bumped into something large. She fell back and looked up. She had run into the Marchwarden, Haldir, and he gazed down at her with fierce eyes.

"Father?" Failariël asked, very timidly, afraid to discover the reason behind his cold stare.


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