Trinith-Warrior of Lorien – Chpt. 1 (i’m new so i hope we cope!)

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“Trinith Look out!” Legolas yelled as a Uruk ran up to her, axe raised, ready to strike. Trinith was to fast for him though. She nocked and arrow wheeled around and shot him in the throat. The Uruk shrieked and fell down. he was dead.

Aragorn and Gimli ran up to her. “Any injuries?” Aragorn asked with a worried look on his face. Trinith looked deep into his eyes and saw love and care deeper than the ocean. Trinith glanced at Gimli but couldn’t see the same in his dark brown eyes.

“I’m fine, Aragorn don’t take me as a child i’m as old as Legolas is.” Trinith stepped away and killed a Uruk that was slowly inching up onto Legolas.

They looked around. All Uruk’s were dead, for now. Trinith walked over to an edge that overl-looked the lands. Her eyes darted back and forth peircing the dark black night that cursed them not to see.

“Trinith what do your elven eyes see?” Aragorn called out to her. His voice sounded in a way that made Trinith lose her anger and made her forget of all bad that has been happening in the past few days.

“Nagzguls to the west, more Uruks to the east, all clear north.” Trinith called back. The anger and worry came back to her washing over her like pouring water on the ground and watching it soak away.

“What is that noise?” Gimli asked looking around. Trinith looked over at Aragorn. Aragorn ran over behind a rock. Legolas and Gimli followed. Trinith stood where she was until Aragorn ran and pulled her over behind the rock.

A few minutes later a group of Riders ran where she was standing. Trinith looked over at Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn. She stood up and ran over to the riders. When the last rider was clear she stood where she was last.

“Riders of Rohan! what news from the mark?” She called out. Putting a hand on her arrow and bow for protection she braced herself for anything that might happen. Legolas put his hand on her shoulder. The warmth of his hand made her relax and feel comfortable. He let go when one of the Riders rode up next to him.

“What news does an Elf, a Man, A dwarf, and a Fair Elf_Maiden have in the ridermark? Speak quickly!” A man said forcefully and evily. Trinith despised him already but she took respect for him.

“Give me your name horse master and I shall give you mine.” Gimli said. Trinith looked at him and gave him a warning look. The Rider glared at Gimli with such hate that Trinith had lost her respect for him.

The Rider got off his horse and walked up to Gimli with such a forceful stride that Trinith nocked her arrow and was ready to strike. “I would cut off your head, Dwarf, If it stood but a little higher from the ground.” The rider said in a taunting way.

Trinth couldn’t stand it anymore. She raised her arrow and pointed at him pulling the string to her cheek “You would die before your stroke fell!” Trinith said not moving the arrow away from his neck. Aragorn pushed her arm, moving the arrow away and pointing at the ground. Aragorn gave her a look that told her he was mad.

Gimli was astonished at Trinith’s remark. Legolas put his hand on her shoulder “Calm down.” He whispered in her ear. Trinith looked down at the ground.

“I’m Aragorn son of Arathorn, This is Gimli son of Gloin, Trinith warrior of Lorien and daughter of Celeborn, and Legolas of the Woodland Realm, We track Uruk’s across your country they hold 2 of our friends captive have you seen them?” Aragorn asked looking at The Rider in a i’m-so-sorry look.

The rider looked down at the ground. “We left none alive, We slaughtered them during the night, burned them a piled thier carcasas’s over there.” The Rider pointed at a smoking pile behind them. “I’m Eomer son of Eomund.” The rider took off his helmet. Like a sign the companions around Eomer lifted thier weapons and put them near thier side.

“But did you see 2 hobbits with them?” Gimli asked looking at Eomer madly. Eomer looked at him and back at Aragorn.

“They would be small only children to your eyes.” Aragorn pointed out for him. Eomer looked down at the ground and shook his head.

“Dead?” Legolas said. Trinith looked at him and then at Eomer. She closed her eyes and put her hand on her heart and spoke deeply in Elvish under her breath. She couldn’t feel goodness in her again, to much grief had washed over her since the day they set out on the quest.

Eomer whistled. 2 horses walked up and stopped in front of him. One was a deep color of Brown, the other a white, his mane a dark color of gray. “May these horses help you on your quest. look for your friends but do not trust to hope. Hasufel Arod you respect your new owners.” Eomer said “We ride north!” He called out to the Riders. As they passed by Arod gentley nudged Trinith’s shoulder.

Trinith mounted Arod after Legolas jumped on. An arrow flew by her head a few minutes later. Another one flew into her leg. Trinith gasped and fell off of the horse. She heard Aragorn call to her and saw Legolas slump over her. Then nothing.


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