Trinith-Warrior of Lorien – chapter 2

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Trinith woke up. She looked around, Where am I? she aksked herself. She got up and walked to the door. “Legolas! where am it? What am I doing here?” Trinith asked as she near about ran into him trying to flee out the door.

Legolas moved out of her way so she could walk past him. She didn’t move. He sighed. “You are in the Edoras, Trinith, You were hit by an arrow in the leg.”

Trinith stared deep into his loving eyes, ” I was hit by and arrow in the leg?” She asked “Then how come i don’t remeber it?” Trinith looked down at her.

“When it hit your leg, You fell off the horse and onto your head.” He answered for her. He also looked deep into her eyes. Her eyes were shimmering with love and care, yet he could see pain and sadness bare there.

Trinith smiled. ” We are in the Edoras? Is Eowyn here?” She asked smiling at Legolas happily, even thought she felt sadness that she had failed to help find Merry and Pippin.

” Yes, but i’m afraid she is in deep sorrow, Her cousin, Theodred, had died.” Legolas replied seeing her smile and feeling a bit more happy for her.

” Oh no!” Trinith pushed past Legolas and ran to Theodred’s old room. There she found Eowyn kneeling over Theodred’s dead body, crying. Trinith ran up to Eowyn.

” Oh Eowyn! what is the matter? what happened to Theodred?” She asked worried. Eowyn shook her head.

“He was ambushed by Orc’s, bearing the white hand of Saruman, He has turned against us.” Eowyn replied, her voice crackling as she said the horrible stories. “He’s dead.”

Grima Wormtounge came silently up to the door. He spotted Trinith and wondered at her beauty. Her blonde curly hair reached to her waist. Her wonderful posture and dress both fit perfectly with her thin face. Her eyes the colour of really dark blue, as dark as the midnight sky with the bright moon lighting it up a bit. Her eyes shimmered like the stars. She was more beautiful then Eowyn, and he wanted her.

He approched. ” Oh he… he must of died sometime during the night.” He said staring at Trinith, taking in all her beauty. Eowyn looked up at him, his eyes quickly darted to her.

“Leave us alone snake!” Eowyn said forcefully. She watched as his eyes kept darting to Trinith and back to her. She watched Grima like a hawk watching it’s prey. She noticed his eyes kept darting to Trinith.

“Oh but you are alone, who know’s what you’ve spoked to the darkness, in the bitter watchess of the night, when all you life seems to shrink.” He laid his eyes on Trinith, this time not darting back to Eowyn.

Trinith looked at him. The site of him made her shiver, She knew he was evil, and she knew what he was planning. She looked at Eowyn and noticed she was worried also about this evil man.

Trinith quickly got up and walked out, she didn’t make it. Grima grabbed her arm. “And who might you be? fair maiden?” He asked staring into her eyes.

Trinith glared at him. “I know what you are up to, leave me alone or i will make sure something bad will happen to you, worse then what your life is now!” She broke out of his grasp and walked out of the room. Grima looked down. How could he be so stupid?

Eowyn had followed Trinith outside. “What was that about?” She asked looking at Trinith and wondering why she was so furious.

“He was plotting something evil. I know what he is up to and i’m not going to let him move in on it!” Trinith replied. She heard a scream out in the distant, it sounded like a boy who has just been stabbed 3 times in the back.

Trinith looked into the distance but saw nothing, she ran down but something grabbed her and pulled her away from there, It’s breath was rancid and it smelled of Uruk sweat.


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