Treebeard’s Thoughts Chapter 1 – The diary of an Ent

by Sep 1, 2004Stories

Author’s note.
This story is being adapted from Tolkien. Well this chapter anyways! The best is yet to come! Enjoy! ~Lady Galabrien~

“Bu ra room! Is that smoke I smell?? Something is burning. Probably those stupid orcs buring dry wood from the forest floor. If they keep that up they will be in for a big surprise. But right now I am not in the mood to squish orcs.” Treebeard mumbled to himself. His feet crunching on dry leaves and sticks. The sun was beginning to sink. The sky was a mottled gray, pink and purple.
“Looks like a storm is approaching. I like rain. Rinses my beard of those bothersome squirrel droppings. But then they want to nest in the rain. Troublesome creatures they are. At times I wonder why the Valar made them. Oh well. Off to bed.”
Treebeard turned and began walking in the opposite direction. The sun was gone completely and the first stars began to come out of the foggy gray clouds. He stepped into his own clearing. The rain began to fall. Lightly at first then the sky lit up. A forked streak of lightning struck the earth. A tree crashed to the ground.
“Poor thing. I’ll check on it in the morning. Blasted rain!” Treebeard shouted to the wind as it whipped his beard around. “Now all the little squirrels will be wanting to nest. Hrum. Good night little creatures who go to the bathroom in my beard.” Treebeard settled down and listened to the rain drumming on his bark like fingers tapping a window. A squirrel nested behind his ear. Soon he was fast asleep listening to the trees groan in the wind.
The next morning Treebeard woke up refreshed. Slowly moving to the spring running into his clearing. He dipped a jug into the clear blue water. Gulping the water he said “Hrum. I love rain water. Now let’s see. I should go check on that tree that fell last night.” As he moved through the forest the moss squished between his disfigured root toes.
“I do believe the tree fell on the ridge. But I am not sure. If it is not there then I will ask one of the others.” The birds flitted from tree to tree singing their beautiful morning song. The sound comforted Treebeard. The sun was beaming down as if the storm had never happened. It warmed Treebeard’s back and legs.
Treebeard got closer to the ridge but heard three hushed voices. Not trees. Not orcs. Not elves. Not dwarves. Surely not men. They speak in the Westron tongue. No one ventures in here anymore. Treebeard thought as he moved closer to the voices. The beings standing on the hill were ranged in size. One was very tall. The other two were very short. Odd looking creatures to me, he mumbled. He stepped as silently as he couldto the three………things. They spoke in the Common Speech so he knew what they were saying.
“The wind has changed. It’s turned east again. Feels cold up here.” one of the short beings said.
“Yes” the other murmered, ” I’m afraid it is only passing and will turn gray all too soon. This old forest looked different in the sunlight. I almost felt I liked it too.” The other short one spoke up.
“You may have felt like you liked it but there are many strange things in here. I’ve heard strange tales from Legolas and Elrond. They said that the trees can talk to eachother. Even move. So you two must stay close to me at all times. I don’t want the two of you gettin’ lost!” This time it was a woman. She was tall with light brown hair flowing over her shoulders. A sword hung from her right hip which she casually put her hand on.
“Almost liked it did you? That is a very nice thing to say. Now I can’t recall ever seeing one of your kind. The girl is an elf I know. I almost dislike you but I don’t want to be hasty. So turn around!” Treebeard placed a hand on each shoulder and turned them slowly toward him.
“Hrum.Very odd. You are not in any of the old verses are you? The verses have probably changed since I was young. What are you?”
“Um…my name is Oenone, daughter of Gil-Galad. These are my friends Merry and Pippin. They are hobbits. But what are you before we get too formal.” The girl said to Treebeard.
“Welcome to Fangorn Forest!” he chuckled loudly. “I am Fangorn. An Ent. Most call me Treebeard. I like it better.”
“An Ent? What’s that?”
” Hoo. Little hasty things. I am doing the asking. You are in my country. What are YOU??”
“We told you. Now you tell us.” Merry spoke and his voice came out squeaky and trembling.
“I really don’t believe you so I will take you to someone else.” Treebeards hand closed around Oenone and Merry. The other grabbed Pippin be the middle.
“We would like some answers.” Growled Oenone as she struggled for breath.
“The White Wizard will explain everything.” Treebeard said as he walked off into the damp forest. The darkness engulfing them.


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