Traveling by Three: The Lotr Story. – This is a fanfic, really a role play that is after the war for the ring.

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This is the fwd to a story. This stroy was role played by 3 girls. Me, and my two friends Emily and Sarah. It is good. Read this to see if you are interested. This is only the fwd to it. The other chapters will come.


This is the story of three travelers. There are also some temporary travelers too such as Naren, Gandalf, the horse Miari, Arwen, Lord Elrond, and other characters.
Meldosmeagol, also known as Meldo, a woman from Rohan. Jh’van Obseat a man of Gondor. And Meridolicous, Known as Meri, and she is an elf of Lorien.

Appearance: Slightly wavy raven black hair, lean yet strong frame, a bit on the short side, and sun-bronzed skin(travels in the open too much)

Gender: Female

Weapon(s): a broadsword, forged by men of Númenor… actually, her grandfather stole it from an elf prince, and they both died in fighting over it… but it was nonetheless made in Numenor… it glows a firery crimson when her energy is poured into it,and can shoot out lethal bolts of red magic. She also carries in her possession, a throwing knife hidden in her boot. She usually uses it for hunting and game, and can throw it with deadly accuracy

Homeland: Edoras, but she travels everywhere, since her parents died…

Enemies: Dwarves. Why? Nobody knows.
and Dragons, ever since they helped destroy and raid her city of Edoras once when she was little.. it was also how her parents died…. she deathly hates and fears dragons.

Mount:A bay male she ‘borrowed’ from Rivendell. His name is Hurommen, meaning courage of the east. Which is ironic in that Rivendell is more to the north. She used to have a grey stallion, Sindequen.
Jh’van Obseat
Age 943
He is a “mortal” man who rarely goes near people. He doesn’t know it is immortal, because he doesn’t know the real age for humans. To be precise, he is a mixture of different bloods, but he never knew his parents. If he starts talking to plants or trees, it’s normal. He can truly talk to them, and they usually will do his bidding.
Blue-copper eyes, dark brown hair
He has magic, given to him from someone long in his bloodline. It is mainly a charm or a sign he must do, and he hasn’t yet gotten it figured out.
Jh’van has silver signs drawn on his right hand, and they go up a little past his elbow. These often glow during times when magic is near, or they randomly burn him. He didn’t inflict this by himself, he had them since he came of age. His markings can heal him, but if he has control, (when he learns) he’ll do whatever to avoid it. The pain they inflict as they heal is such that if he had a choice, he’d kill himself. The pain is worse then dying… He’d much rather let it heal the lesser painful, but longer way.
Plants can do more damage then you think… Jh’van’s destroyed a metal panther…
Jh’van is also finding out he has a psychic like power, he can creep into your mind to either retrieve you from death, communicate, or maybe just for fun… (No, he hasn’t yet donet his…

Rachael- IT’S KESTREL!)

Shagya-Arabian/ Unicorn/ Dragon
Age 915
This is Jh’van’s mount, and she just adores her rider. The two of them are really a team, ready to lay down their lives for the other. If you notice Miari is also part dragon, able to transform into a small white dragon. (Kinda like Serensia) She can change colors but she CAN’T change size or shape of the dragon.
Meridolicious, known as Meri, is an elf. She is from lorien and is 210 years old. She is a yound elf. She is livley, free spirited, is faithful(accoreding to her friends.), and has courage and “fire” in her. She loves to travel and has many faithful friends. She is a Ranger type elf almost.

She has a horse named Nic because he was in the Nick of time when she needed him most.

She used to have a “unique other” but he died of the grief of her traveling and he was much much older(elrond’s childhood buddy! OLD). She is best friends with Arwen, Daughter of Elrond.

Her full name is Meridolicious Newhaven(no one knows that), daughter of Glordriel and Gondrian. She used to be a trouble maker when she was a lil elf and made big messes int eh forests. Gandalf remembers. She has known Gandalf her entire life. She is great with and Elvish long bow and two white elvish knives.

She has deep ocean blue eyes and long blonde hair, usuually braided.(hates it! has to have it back when runnnign anf traveling). She lvoes plants and is a good cook. And secretly has feelings for one of her companions….

HATES DRESSES! mother used to make her wear one but she woudl rip them off and go wear leaves and stuff anf play witht the boys (NOT LIKE THAT!@) ibn the mudd and run around and have fun. Now that she is over 200 years old she can pick out her own clothes and she wears an elvish skirt(short, above the knees)( with elvish shorts underneath and she wears plain elish shirt and a grey cloak. Like anromal elf girl without all the frilliness..

Meri also has a connection with Jh’van, ever since Mirkwood(see chapter 4) They can pass messages between each other, in there mind. They can read each others thoughts if they leave there mind open. She cqan do this to no one else. She worries for jhvan too, for he seems as disturbed as her.

She is disturbed because she has these meanacing voices in her head tht tell her things like people hate her and she is ugly, fat, mean, stupid, etc. they mainly happen when jh’van is around, for some odd reason.

Ok, that was the little fwd on the characters.

Also before this story one of them had murdered Kalevi and man and enemy of Jh’van. They met up by joining together in the Shire one day fighting off a wraith Errocia. (Errocia is all the blank name spots) Errocia had fled for a while and came back later in Rivendell.

The three travelers have been through a lot. Also Meldo has been to Moria, before this, to get the Diary of Balin, the last Lord of Moria.

Chapter one will come if this one gets published.


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