Trapped in the Second Craze – Chapter one-Welcome to the past

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Second craze is supposed to be like Second Age craziness.

it was a sunny day in Imladris, and all the Elves were playing outside. Except two. Two VERY young Elves. They were only eleven, and they had an interest in playing Dress Up. They had never done it before, and decided to try. “Elenath!!!” Elenna called. “I found a trunk of old clothes. We can use these.” Elenath rolled her eyes. “Yeah, but what are we playing?” Elenna snorted. “Dress up, you dork.” “Actually, I knew that. I meant what MISSION are we playing. No duh there.” Elenath said. Elenna or Len as she was called, had a sarcastic, fiery temper, and a good natured rivalry with Elenath, or Ele. Ele was sweeter, but she was even more sarcastic then Len, and rolled her eyes a lot. “We can be in Khazad-Dum, fighting a Balrog!!” Len said. Ele rolled her eyes. “Okay.” They found appropriate costumes, and even swords. “Okay,” Ele said. “Let’s play!” As soon as she said ‘Let’s play’ they world seemed to spin for them, and they landed on the bridge of Khazad-Dum. “Ele, what you d-” Len began, but was interrupted by a roar from behind. Ele and Len looked behind them and were greeted by a flaming Balrog. “ELE!!! If we get outta here I am soo going to kill you!!!” Len screamed. Ele’s eyes widened. “uh, I don’t suppose you’d be interested in a game of riddles??” she asked. “Um, Ele, I don’t think it wants to play games right now!” Len said. The Balrog put it’s head to the side. It seemed to nod. “First riddle?” Ele offered. The Balrog shook it’s head. “good thing we read Bilbo’s book before he left!” Len said. “Um……….alive without breath, cold as death…….clad in mail…..never clinking….never thirsty……..always drinking.” Elenath offered. ‘FFFFIIIIIISSSSSSH.” The Balrog roared. “Interesting….” Len said. “Thirty white horses on a red hill, first they champ, then they stamp, then they stand still.” The Balrog thought for a moment. “neigh neigh?” it offered. “He lost!” Ele said. “How do you know it’s a he?” Elenna said pointedly. “Good point.” Ele said. The Balrog jumped off the bridge. “Cool!” Len said. Ele looked behind them, and saw what appeared to be a thousand Orcs behind them singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands’. “RUN!” she screamed. They ran all the way out of Moria, and ran to Lorien. They had been here before, and wove their way to Caras Galadhron. “help!” Len cried, and pounded on the door. Someone opened it. “Who are you?” he said. “Elenath and Elenna of Imladris!” they said. “Oh, from Imladris. I haven’t heard of you though. I will show you to Galadriel.” Ele looked around. Lorien seemed different. “Er, what age is it?” she asked. “Beginning of the second!” the Elf said. “I am Elu.” When they reached galadriel, they explained what happened. “you played riddles with a BALROG?” she asked. Len smiled. “Yep.” Galadriel raised her eyebrows. “Odd. Odd indeed. Well, alright.I will give you bows of the Galadhrim and quivers, arrows and swords. Where are you going?” Ele and Len looked at eachother. “We don’t know. We just want to go home.” Galadriel smiled. “To go home, you must complete your quest.” Len sighed. “What quest?” Galadriel laughed. “Defeat Sauron of course, and aid all the countries. I advise going to Thranduil’s realm, then to Rhun, then Rohan, then Gondor, and looping around Isengard up to the north.” Len and Ele gaped. “WHAT???” Galadriel rolled her eyes. “I said, you mus-” “WE KNOW!” Elenath screamed. “Well, gee, why’d you ask? Don’t scream, it’s ruins the peace of my happy world. Can’t an old woman retire in peace?” Ele and Len rolled their eyes. “Wow, that is so cute. Unison!” Galadriel did a little dance. “Thengel had a little foal, little foal, little foal! Thengel had a little foal, it’s hair was white as snow. And everywhere that Thengel went, the foal was sure to go….”Len and Ele turned and followed and Elf to their lodgings. “Goodnight…my little babies…..sleep in peace… lu lullaby…..” The Elf sang. “Oh my GAWD!” Len said. “We are stuck in a Second Age of MANIACAL Elves, Balrogs, and Orcs. probably Men too, and I don’t even want to think about Sauron!” she practically screamed once the Elf had gone. “Hey, that’s GOT to be interesting.” Ele said. Len groaned. “At exactly midnight, the girls were still up, and Ele said “hey, today’s my twelfth birthday. Right now, as a matter of fact.” At once, Elves wearing party hats popped out of the trees singing “happy happy birthday, may all your dreams come true, happy happy birthday, from all of us to you!” Ele sighed. “This is gonna be a LONG journey.”


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