TORC Discoverer – Apisode 6: RPer’s; Living in two worlds

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MPD Or Just Creative?
RPers have many identities. Like the rest of us, there is the one that they use every day in real life and then there is the one they use as a member of the TORC world. But unlike the rest of us RPers have the insatiable need to go even further and create new identities, with which they can lead double, triple or more lives. Aiwe for example has over 20 identities and RP’s in over 10 worlds. It is no wonder that she was the founding member of RP’ers Anonymous.
Their other identities have varied pasts (normally far different from their own) and exist, although primarily in Tolkien’s worlds, in a number of different lands and times. A whole history and future is mapped out for each identity and is painstakingly written down and discussed.
This is different from stories and other works of fiction because the RPers other identities interact with alternative identities of the other residents of TORC who live their lives with RP syndrome. On some occasions they even interact with other identities of the same person.
The RPer has developed to such a stage that they are able to live simultaneously in many worlds and function as a fully able being in all of them.

Most RPers have a few characters that they play over and over again in different worlds and situations. They rarely change race or appearance but sometimes their past is modified to fit in with the current story line.
Characters can often represent the people that are writing them, but normally in a more idealized way. Favorite hair color and other attributes are all held by the characters. It is a chance to become their perfect image of themselves.
Alternatively, characters can be totally fictional, allowing the RPer to experience worlds in a different way, such as from the perspective of a different race or gender. Sometimes these can be Characters created by Tolkien himself, after all who wouldn’t like to be Galadriel for a day?

The Portals
In order to reach their RPing worlds the Arpy’s must use a portal. Fortunate for the inhabitants’ of TORC there are a couple located on the Message Boards. For the sake of appearances the Admins decided to disguise them as Pubs. Depending on which world they are destined for, the Arpy must enter either the Green Dragon or the Prancing Pony. Once they have entered the Pub they then choose a door into the correct RP world.
On passing through into the world they are transformed into their alter ego and can continue the story.
New doors are opened by people such as Amrunelen, when they are inspired to create a new story. Some do not survive and are bricked up by the denizens of the pub. But there will always be new worlds and new adventures to be had.
Multiple ID’s does however lead to the very confusing IDCS or ID Confusion Syndrome. Dr Scribbles has studied the effects on posters with Multiple ID’s and has noted much confusion when the RPer fails to change back into their normal Board Identity. Confused posters are unsure of whom they are responding to and there are even many cases of gender or even species confusion. In the long run normally a quick “wrong ID” post is made to return the posters to normal posting conditions

An OOC Aside
Because the history, plot and general outlay is so complex, it is important that they be discussed and organized outside of the actual RP thread where it would clutter and confuse everyone involved. To alleviate this problem Arpy’s created an OOC or Word Aside thread. There the finer details of the RP can be thrashed out without the fear of the Mods Spam warnings.
Then there is the other well known OOC created by the Mods called “The Land of OOC”, there many Mods played in their own RP world. Many of the most humorous posts occurred there and it was also a chance for the posters of TORC to catch a glimpse into the world of Mods and Admins.

RP Anonymous
Because RPing is an addictive pastime a guild has been formed to help those Arpy’s who have gone too far. They meet regularly in their guild house and discuss how to deal with the hobby that leaves no time for real life. After all living so many lives can be extremely tiring. All RPers are encouraged to join and to participate in their programs.

The Future
Rpers will continue to RP as long as there are worlds to live in and characters to write for. They have discovered a way into other worlds that few of us will experience and for that we should be highly jealous.
New RPers are born every day when they to learn the secret to discovering the new worlds.


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