Too Close to Home – Part Two of many to come – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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The next morning, Arwen entered the room to find the bed was empty. The sound of the tray in her hands clanging to the floor was heard as Arwen stood there shocked. A very slender, light brown haired female form emerged from the balcony upon hearing the noise in the room. The door was pushed open as Elrond and Elladan entered the room.

“Arwen, what’s wrong?” asked Elladan. He glanced at the empty bed and cried out, “Where’s Mira?”

“I’m here. I think I shocked her.” a female voice stated by the balcony. “I was on the balcony when she entered.”

“I thought you would still be in bed at this hour, Mira?” asked Arwen, looking at the young girl.

Mira shook her head as she headed toward the tray to pick it up and clean the mess as she spoke, “No, I always wake before the sun rises. Have to…no other choice.”

Arwen bent down and started to help with cleaning the mess. “Let me do that. I’m the one who caused the mess.”

“No, I’ll do it. It was my fault anyways,” her voice said, with a tinge of fear.

Arwen glanced at Mira’s face to see the look of fear of what in them. She nodded as she backed away from Mira. “Father, I need a word with you…privately. Mira, I’ll get one of the servants to bring fresh food to you.”

Elrond and Arwen left the room as Elladan stood there looking puzzled at his sister. Arwen continued to walk down the corridor till she saw one of the servants. She told her what Mira needed and continued on her way to her father’s sitting room.

“Why here?” asked Elrond, looking at his daughter.

“Father, I been thinking about her and the look I got from her eyes tells me of something seriously wrong in Gondor,” spoke Arwen.

“What do you mean?”

“I think Mira was sent here to protect her from someone in Gondor from harming her. But who…is it? Did Faramir say anything about it?”

“No, we won’t know till she tells us and if she does, Arwen.”

“Father, can we really protect her here?”

“I will do all that I can to protect her. Faramir asked for her to be kept safe and I shall till he arrives here,” spoke Elrond.

“He’s coming here? When will he arrive here?” asked Arwen.

“He says if all is well in Gondor, he’ll come in a month if not…he’ll be here sooner.” spoke Elrond.

Arwen smiled as she looked towards the fire. Her thoughts went to Mira who was alone in her room with Elladan, her older brother. She bolted to her feet and rushed towards the chambers.

In the room, Mira had finished cleaning the mess on the floor when Elladan bent to help her to stand. Mira cringed when she felt his hands on hers. He looked into her amber eyes and smiled.

“I’m Elladan; I’m the son of Lord Elrond. You don’t have to be scared of me, I shall not harm you,” he whispered, as he looked at her. He saw the look of fear in her eyes and knew she was scared.

“I…I…I’m Mira…of Gondor.” Mira said, as she quickly and hurriedly rushed from the room still facing him till she felt the cold marble of the balcony against her arm. She knew she was trapped if he approached her. “I’m…not…scared.”

Arwen entered the room seeing Elladan trying to reassure Mira that he would not harm her. She rushed towards Mira as she wrapped her arms around her; to feel her shivering. Arwen snapped, “Elladan, you are scaring her. It’s all right, Mira. He won’t harm you.”

Mira buried her face into the long black hair of Arwen’s as she shivered and then collapsed from the fear she had. Elladan watched as Mira went into Arwen’s arms and then collapse in her arms.

Arwen yelled at him, “Get father! Now, Elladan! You pushed her too much!”

Elladan headed to open the door to see his father reaching for the door. “Arwen needs you, father.”

Elrond whispered, “Do not stay in this room, Elladan. Go now.”

Elladan tried to complain but he was pushed quite hard out of the room by his father. He stood there staring at the closed door when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Elladan turned to see Estel and Legolas standing there looking concerned. “I think I just harmed her in a way I don’t know.”

“How could you, Elladan?” asked Estel, looking at him as they walked away from the room.

“I went close to her and felt her cringe at my touch but when she looked up at me…her green eyes shown fear of me but I never hit her or even raised my voice to her. I kept it quiet and gentle.” said Elladan, as they walked down the corridor and to the area where they mainly practiced their archery or sword skills with each other.

“I’m sure she’s just not used to having a handsome elf like you near her,” said Legolas, with a laugh.

“Or maybe she is not wanting to associate with us yet?” asked Estel.

“Perhaps that’s it. Let her have time to get used to this area before we…or you try to push her into having you near her so closely, Elladan,” said Legolas, with a smirk on his face.

“Yeah, and find that she’s just like other women of the race of Man who will fall in love with you…right, Legolas?” snapped Elladan.

“I can’t help it if I’m handsome, Elladan. But who knows, she might fancy Estel instead of both of us, being of the race of Man,” spoke Legolas.

“Please! I have someone in my heart already, Legolas,” said Estel, turning to look at Legolas as he leveled his arrow at the target.

“Like Arwen. We know that, Estel!” teased Legolas and Elladan at the same time.

Soon, they went silent as the sounds of arrows striking their targets were heard in the area. Elrond was standing at the top of the stairs watching them practice. He closed his eyes and wondered what they were thinking about Mira or just practicing. Then, the sound of arrows hitting the targets grew still as Elrond opened his eyes and looked as Elladan striding towards him.

“Father, is she all right?” asked Elladan.

“She was scared of you Elladan. Being near men…or elves is very scary for her. She won’t tell me why but please respect her space and give her enough till she decides that you aren’t a threat to her.” spoke Elrond.

“But father…why should I stay away from her? I want to know her as a friend. I see the pain in her eyes when she looks at me. She’s in pain, father. Pain of…what I do not know and would wish to know. She needs us.” Elladan pleaded with his father to let him get close to Mira.

“I know, son. I see the same pain in her eyes. But let her chose the time for all to be revealed, she will do it when she feels that we will not send her back to Gondor,” said Elrond.

“Why does she think we will send her back there?” asked Elladan, seeing that Estel approaching them.

“She did not say but she fears returning there.” Elrond stated as he looked at Elladan and then to Estel. “So tell me, how is the archery lessons going, Estel?”

“Father, you are avoiding the question?” asked Elladan.

“I wouldn’t say avoiding answering, Elladan, just not revealing what was actually said.” spoke Legolas, as he approached them.


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