Too Close to Home – Part Twenty-Two of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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“Will I have to speak first or wait…,” Mira started to ask.

“No, you will probably be the second one up, or the third – I don’t know. My father does things his own way. He may not even hear your testimony. I just do not know,” spoke Faramir. “But come now, you must get there. Be afraid of your father no more. I will not let him harm you again, Mira.”

They walked towards the main hall, where Faramir’s father waited. Tied to a cross was Mira’s father, who frowned when he noticed the female walking behind Faramir. He knew who she was, but the other men walking behind her were not familiar to him.

Denethor looked at his youngest son and spoke, “Speak about the attack this man has done unto you?”

Faramir walked towards his father. “I first met Mira two years ago, after she suffered a brutal attack by her father. I gave her to some friends who took her in for a year before he ‘claimed’ her as his child. I did not find her but she found us after two years, father. You heard her plea for help and ignored the plea. I knew I could help her. I was about to ask her when her father came to her side. After she nodded her head towards me, made him realize that I was there. He apologized about his daughter. I knew she was afraid of him by the look in her eyes. I followed them back to their home, where I heard screams coming from within. I barged into the house seeing him attacking her, and I noticed within his hand a dagger. I feared he would kill her if I didn’t intervene. She was unconscious by the time I got to her side. I was not worried about her father, yet when I turned it was to see him charging at me with the dagger raised. I sidestepped his attack, and knocked him down where he struck his head on the ground and was rendered unconscious. I had him removed to the dungeons and I took his daughter away with me to a place I knew she would be safe.”

Denethor wrote something down on the scroll that was before him, “Where was this safe place?”

“Rivendell the home of the Elves was where I sent her,” Faramir stated calmly.

“Be seated, Faramir. I’ll hear from you now Gwamyr,” Denethor said, looking towards the man.

“My daughter always tells lies, and disobeys her father and so she gets punished. The punishments are hard but fair. I do admit that I did attack your son but he attacked me within my own home. I did what any other man would do,” Gwamyr stated.

“The first time she disobeyed your command?”

“When she was five seasons old, she didn’t cook the food properly and it was not warmed though,”

“Five seasons old and she was cooking for the family? Where is her mother during this time?”

“She left the home soon before she became five seasons old. Mira is our only daughter and she was told to make dinner for us.”

“And why didn’t your wife take her with her when she left?”

“I do not know, my lord. I woke up one morn and found my wife gone.”

Mira listened to all the lies that her father was telling Denethor. Soon, Denethor was asking questions to Faramir and writing down what was said. Denethor asked his son if he had any more evidence against Gwamyr.

“I have the young woman who was the reason for Gwamyr’s arrest here father. Her name is Mira,” Faramir said, as he turned to look at Mira who did not look down, or away, as the eyes of Denethor turned towards her.

“I shall hear her speak about this,” Denethor spoke.


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