Too Close to Home – Part Twenty-Three of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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Author’s Note: Sorry this chapter took so long in being posted. I had writer’s block for the past four years on this story as this chapter is by far the hardest one that I had to write about.

Faramir turned towards Mira as she approached his side. “Do not fear my father, Mira. Speak as you did this morning.”

Faramir turned towards his father and spoke, “Father, this is Mira.”

“Speak, Mira about the reason why your father is within my dungeons and had assaulted my son,” spoke Denethor, looking at her with a cold eye.

“I shall speak of the past abuses that my father Gwamyr had done to me. I was but a happy child when I was nearing my fifth season in this city. The night before I was to begin my cooking duties, mother was there tucking me in. The next morning, mother was gone. I asked father where she went to and he refused to say but ordered me to make breakfast for them. I knew not how to and I made the eggs burn. For that, I was punished.” Mira said, glaring towards her father before resuming her gaze to Denethor.

“What was the punishment?”

“This.” Mira pulled her hair away from her ears and approached Denethor. “My ears were as pointy as my friends’ ears are. I am the daughter of an Elf.”

Denethor looked shocked and wrote something down. “Continue, please?”

“I was ordered to clean the house up and make sure that lunch was ready by the time he got home that day. I cleaned the house till I grew weak from the blood loss and passed out. I was kicked awake by father and was ordered to make lunch for him and my brother Teonvan. My brother was ten years to my five years. I was used as a punching bag by both my father and my brother for anything that went wrong during the day or if the meal was cold or too hot. My father started to use a dagger on my back not deep just shallow cuts, till one day I infuriated him more than normal and he slashed my back with very deep cuts. I fled the house that night. I was only twelve seasons old at that time and I came here trying to see you for protection or at least have a safe place till my wounds healed. I was chased away from the castle; I assumed that the guards thought I was a beggar girl wanting a handout. I walked more or less stumbled away from the castle. I finally stopped at the well and drank some water before I heard a noise behind me and turned to see who it was but I was too dizzy to see exactly who was there as I fainted from the blood loss.” Mira took a deep breath and continued on with where she was at after waking up the next morning to the day she was retrieved by her father.

“What happened after you were brought back to your home?”

“Father treated me like he always did with a slap to the face and a kick to my rear with an order to cook dinner. I asked him if seven hundred gold coins would be enough to buy my freedom from him,” Mira stated, not looking away from the Steward.

“What did he say about that?” Denethor asked.

“He said ‘It depends, Mira…how many coins.’. I dropped the bag of 700 gold coins in front of him and told him how many that there was in the bag. I made dinner for them as the last thing I would do for them as my father told me that I had bought my freedom from him. But I was wrong. He asked me to sit and eat dinner with them before I headed off. I sat down and started to eat dinner when he knocked me out. When I came to, I went to the door to leave and he demanded to know where I was going. I told him I was leaving this house to join with the jeweler as I bought my freedom from you. He said bought your freedom. You didn’t buy your freedom from me. Son, did she pay us? My brother said no and they both looked at me like I was nuts. I knew I gave them the coins which set me free from them. But they lied to me about it. I was trapped in the home again a prisoner to my father again. I turned eighteen seasons old a few weeks later. I was planning on my escape via pleading with you for help. My father found out about it and beat me to the point where I was not able to move without pain. He left the house to go cheer you on with the others. I managed to get to your side but you refused to hear me out. Faramir heard my plea instead and just as soon as he asked me a question. My father came in and pulled me back to our home where he was about to plunge a dagger into me for what I did. I was nearly unconscious when the door was slammed open and a figure was standing there. After that, I found myself looking up at Faramir and in the field, before the mountains.” Mira stated.

Denethor looked over at Faramir. He turned to Gwamyr and frowned. “Continue?”

Mira continued with how she was sent on alone to Rivendell where Legolas and his friends found her and took her to Lord Elrond where he healed her of her illness and gave her sanctuary within his lands. She spoke about what they did the previous night with her slaying her brother to protect Elessar.

Gwamyr roared from his place. “You bloody witch! You will die for that! If I get free you will pay for that with your life, wench!”

TBC. . .


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