Too Close to Home – Part Twenty-One of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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The next morning, Mira found herself tucked in bed with Elladan sleeping next to her but he was on top of the covers. Mira loved the feeling of him next to her as she reached out her hand and removed the dark strand of hair from his eyes, only to her amazement that they had fluttered open. She pulled her hand back and looked down at her blanket, “I’m sorry that I woke you.”

“You didn’t wake me, Mira. It was time for me to awaken anyways. I rarely sleep past sunrise,” he whispered gently, taking hold of her hand in his.

“Did we do anything last night beyond you singing to me?” Mira asked.

“No, we kissed and just held each other till you fell asleep in my arms. I carried you to bed and covered you with the blanket and lay next to you. I should go before they assume something that we did something that really never happened.” Elladan whispered as he kissed her lips and started to head for the door.

“Elladan let them think that. All I care about is what you think,” stated Mira, as she climbed from under the covers.

Elladan smiled towards her as he bent close to her and kissed her lips. The sudden sound of someone knocking on the door startled them both. Elladan leapt off the bed and hurried towards the door and opened it to reveal Faramir and Estel standing there.

Estel spoke, “So this is where you are, brother. We were worried.” But the glint in his eyes stated he knew.

“Ú-aníren ech he. (I did not want to awaken her,)” spoke Elladan, in elvish.

“Abnonnich ah he? (After you bind yourself to her?)” stated Estel.

“Law, ú-mîllin ah he. Golostar, dan ú-cerir han. (No, I didn’t mate with her. We slept together but we did not have that.)” Elladan hissed in a low voice.

“He’s right, Estel. When’s breakfast, I’m hungry?” Mira came walking up fully dressed but the outfit that she wore was the same she had on from the previous night and it looked like she had slept in it.

“We need to talk about what is going to happen today with the trial of your father, Mira,” spoke Faramir.

“Can we do it over breakfast?” asked Mira. “I am really hungry,”

“Of course,” Faramir stated, as he signaled four servants who carried trays of food into the room and placed them on the table.

There were small red apples, different types of smoked fish, bread, cheese and meat; along with several types of pastries which were there on the tray. Mira quickly took some of each as the others did as well.

While they ate; Mira was asked by Faramir what the King would ask of her and she responded to it with some hesitations on her part.

“Mira, Mira, you can not hesitate with anything you are to say to my father. If you do he will not believe what you say, even if it is true.” Faramir stated. Mira nodded and they started over again.

After a few more tries it was to where it was flawless, she was speaking about it as if it had happened yesterday. Elladan was watching Faramir and wondered why or how did he manage to get a hold of the seal of the Steward.

“Faramir, how did you get a hold of the seal of the Steward to sign the scroll sent to my father?” asked Elladan.

“Easy, I just waited till his visors put a lot of scrolls in front of him and make him sign them. He hates doing that. I added it to the second to the last of all the scrolls and he never reads them anyways. That is how I managed to get the scroll sealed and signed by my father. I tricked him but it had to be done,” spoke Faramir.

A knock came to the door as Faramir went to the door and spoke with the person on the other side. He closed the door and leaned his head against the door itself. Faramir slowly turned away from the door to look at the others.

“My father is ready to hear what caused your father to attack me now,”


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