Too Close to Home – Part Three of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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Elrond gave a reposing glare at Legolas before he sighed, “She’s not even telling me the whole truth about why she doesn’t wish to return to Gondor. So even I do not know why.”

“Maybe we should just ask her about it outright?” asked Estel.

“No, Estel…that may push her away from us. She had asked for sanctuary here and I granted it to her till she feels safe to return to Gondor or go elsewhere.” said Elrond.

In Mira’s room, Arwen sat by her bedside gazing at her. She pushed Mira’s brown hair off her neck and whispered, “I wish you would let us know why you had desired to have sanctuary here, Mira. Something evil must be in Gondor for you to leave there alone without traveling companions.”

Arwen sighed gently as she walked away from Mira’s bed and out of her room, never noticing that once she turned her back to Mira – her eyes opened and watched her leave. Mira stood up and crept to the balcony where she looked at the waterfall that flowed past the buildings. “I wish I could tell you, Arwen, what pains I went through to even leave Gondor.”

She turned her head when she heard noises in the courtyard to see a rider who looked a lot like Elladan speak with Elrond about something and then he rushed off on his steed. Mira was curious in what was going on and was tempted to ask Elrond when he turned and looked up at her. He smiled and bowed his head to her. She returned the gesture and turned into the room once again.

She went to the door to open it only to find a servant girl looking shocked. “I’m most sorry, my lady. They said you were asleep. I brought clothing for you to wear.”

“Thank you. Please enter.” Mira said as she backed away from the servant girl who laid the three dresses on the bed.

“Arwen picked these out for you to pick from,” spoke the servant, pointing to each dress. One was lavender, another was an off white dress and another was blue with gold trim around the edges.

Mira looked at each one and noting how the high the back of the dresses were. She held each one up and looked at it in the mirror. The servant girl helped hold the dresses up as she looked through them all. Mira sat in her chair looking at the dresses not even sure which one to pick.

“The blue one would go perfectly with your elven skin, my lady,” spoke the servant girl, looking at her.

“I’m not an elf! I’m just a female!” Mira snapped, angrily.

“I’m sorry, my lady. I assumed wrong. Your skin is so fair and lovely it looks elven. I hope you forgive me for my assumption,” spoke the servant.

“You are forgiven. I must also ask for your forgiveness for snapping at you,” Mira smiled softly.

The servant girl accepted her forgiveness as she helped her pick out which dress to wear. Soon, Mira was dressed and had just walked out of the room when Elrond walked into the corridor. He noticed her standing there with a smile on her face.

“The rider…if you were wondering about brought a message from Faramir,” Elrond stated as he looked at her.

“Is the message for you or for me?” asked Mira, looking at the two scrolls.

“Actually this one is for you, Mira…it’s from Faramir and the other is for me,” said Elrond, as he handed her the scroll. He watched her as she unfurled it and quickly looked over it and sighed, shaking her head. “What’s wrong?”

“I never told him…I can’t read. I cannot read what he has written. My father…he never allowed us to go to school,” Mira stated, calmly.

“I’ll teach you how to read. Then, you’ll be able to read the letter and be able to respond to his letter,” smiled Elrond, as he held his hand out to her, which she took as they walked down the corridor.

“Thank you Lord Elrond,” Mira whispered, gently.

They sat in his library for the next five days as Elrond taught Mira how to read Man’s words before he taught her elven. He figured it would be quite hard for her to grasp Man’s words and elven words but she took to it very eagerly, he was amazed by her hunger for the words. He watched her as she read some of his books that he got for Aragorn a few years back and then watched her move from them to the elven books which she read just as fast as she took to the book of Man.

“[What] thelos o [that] parf, Mira? (What do you think of that book, Mira?)” Elrond asked, using his native tongue to see if she could speak it as well as read the language.

“Melon ha, Elrond. (I love it, Elrond.)” Mira spoke in the same tongue as Elrond had just used and as fluent as he used it.

“I’m surprised that you understood what I had said, Mira.”

“I don’t know how but as soon as you spoke `what do you think of that book,’ I knew what you said. It was like instinct,” said Mira, as she looked up from the book again.

Elrond sat down next to her chair and brushed her hair away from her ears. He had a frown on his face when he withdrew his hand from her ear.

“What’s wrong?” asked Mira, looking at him.

“The way you took to our native language is something that most Men have trouble taking to; Estel on the other hand learned our language when he was a young child,” said Elrond. He noticed that she had a tired look in her eyes. “You look tired; go to your room and rest. You can learn more in the morning.”

“May I…may I borrow this book? I still wish to finish reading it,” asked Mira, holding up the book.

“Of course,” Elrond stated gently, with a kind smile on his face.

She curtsied and quickly walked out of the room, never seeing another entering the room shortly after she had left.

“Adar? (Father?)” the voice whispered gently.

“Elladan, please sit.” Elrond stated calmly, as he waved his hand to the chair which had Mira sitting in.

“Adar, [why]nas annan ah hen i medui eraid? Ná darthol lhaew? (Father, why have you spent so much time with her of the last few days? Is she ill still?)” asked Elladan, as he sat down in the chair.

“No, she is not ill. I was just teaching her how to read. The poor girl never learned how. How could her parents allow her not to learn to read?” Elrond said more to himself than to his son. “She’s only eighteen years old and yet she has not learned to read.”

Elladan was shocked when he heard it. “Why would they not teach her?”

“I’m not even sure myself. Maybe to keep her out of sight of people who may complain about her scars on her back? I’m not sure anymore.”

“Is she still refusing to speak about why she left Gondor, father?”

“Yes, but I can only imagine what she had went though to get here,” said Elrond, as he gazed into the fire.

“We could ask her outright about it?”

“And have her run from us? No, she has sanctuary here and I will not let her be chased out from here.” snapped Elrond.

Elladan nodded as he sat back against the chair. He then asked, “When is Faramir arriving here?”

“I’m not sure. It could be at the end of this month or next month depends on what Gondor is doing. I think it has to do something with Mira’s problem there.” Elrond replied, seriously before turning towards the entrance of the room to see someone standing there.

A tall black haired elf entered the room that strangely looked like Elladan. “Suilad adar, harthan pedi ah le o nad. (Greetings father, I wish to speak to you about something.)”


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