Too Close to Home – Part Thirteen of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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“Did he know you were ill, Mira?” Estel asked.

Mira shook her head. “No, he never knew. I really didn’t know how bad it was till I reached the river and I knew I was too hot for I was already stumbling along the riverbank trying to find an easy place to cross when I knew I had to cross where I did…”

Mira dredged through the river to get to the other side of the bank when she felt herself loosing consciousness. She grabbed the pouch off her hip and flung it onto the dry bank. Just as darkness claimed her she saw a blond haired elf appear from the woods with his bow out and an arrow in the string.

“You saw me?!” exclaimed Legolas, shocked that she had seen him before she passed out.

“Yes, I didn’t know if I was going to be dead or not. At that moment, I didn’t care to fight the darkness that was trying to claim me in its hold,” Mira said, as she looked at Legolas. “The next thing, I know is that I’m here in Elrond’s home, healthy again.”

Elrond turned towards Legolas. “Legolas, continue Mira’s story since you were the first to see her.”

“I had separated from Elladan and Estel…I mean Aragorn…while we hunted for fresh meat. I had heard a lot of splashing in the river and was not the normal kind of splashing one would hear here. I went with my bow and arrow armed…” spoke Legolas.

Legolas crept through the low lying bushes towards the river when he saw a brown haired figure flinging a pouch off of their body as they collapsed onto the side of the river. He rushed into full view of the form just in time to see the person go completely unconscious. He rushed forward dropping his bow to the ground and catching the person before they struck the rocks. He placed him or her onto his lap before he felt for a pulse. When he found he or she was alive; he placed his fingers to his lips and blew a loud piercing whistle and after hearing a replying whistle but not the other whistler who he had also whistled for – he made the whistle even more imperative that they get there now.

“Elladan, help me with her.” Legolas had stated as he looked up to see the black haired son of Elrond appear from the woods with his bow out and armed.

“Where’s Estel?” Elladan asked, as he helped Legolas lift up the form till they got her or him onto dryer grounds.

“He should be here soon. We’ll need the horses.” spoke Legolas, as he heard the sounds of someone crashing through the brush. “He’s coming.”

A few moments later, the other member of their party showed up with an arrow in his bow. Estel came rushing towards them as he put his arrow back in his quiver and placed his bow onto his back. He picked up the young elf off the ground and had passed her over to Elladan to hold till he was on his horse. After he got onto his mount, Elladan had cried out about her ears being not elven ears.

“We must have had pushed our horses to run as fast as the wind to get Mira here as fast as we did. We didn’t know if she would live or die before we got here,” said Legolas, as he looked at Elladan and then to Mira.

Elrond revealed a smile. “You did manage to get her here at the proper time, Legolas for if you had tarried for a moment longer, she might have died.”

Arwen spoke up as they all revealed the shock on their faces at truly how ill she was, “Mira was very, very ill. It took a lot of healing to get her back to us.”

After Arwen had spoken; the room went quite still as the sounds of the night was heard. But then the light sound of a boot walking on the floor was heard and the swish of riding clothing was also heard. They turned towards the door leading from the entrance of the hall to see an elf standing there with a 6 ft tall raven haired young man.


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