Too Close to Home – Part Ten of many to come… – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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“I woke up the next morning with a very sore jaw and I was in my own bed. My bag that I readied to pick up and go was now by the bed. I sat up to see my father glaring at me. He yelled at me to get off the bed and get breakfast ready. I told him do it yourself, I’m not a slave to you no more, I’m free to leave this house.” Mira stated.

“But you weren’t correct?” asked Legolas.

“Correct…” said Mira.

“What do you mean free to leave this house?” asked her father, looking shocked. Her brother chuckled in the corner of the room but was quickly hushed by a glare from their father.

“I paid you seven hundred gold coins for my freedom last night!” snapped Mira.

“Mira, I got no money from you last night.” Her father lied to her. “You must have been imagining things.”

“Liar, I paid you! My brother saw the coins didn’t you?” asked Mira, turning to her brother.

“No, I didn’t see any coins, sister. You must have been imagining things.” Her brother chuckled.

I stared at them in shock disbelief. I had paid for my freedom and ended up back in slavery to my own family once again. I was slapped and whipped for my disobedience to my father. I wasn’t even allowed to leave the house without my older brother walking with me. For about two years, the watching lasted till I was fifteen years old. I started to run away almost each night and be gone for about three days before I got caught and returned to my family for more abuse.” spoke Mira, as she took a long draught of the water that was in her goblet.

“You were free but he refused to let you go?” asked a shocked Elrohir.

“Yes. He refused to let me go. He refused. He got paid over seven hundred gold coins for my freedom and he refused to let me go. I spent several days when I finally turned 18 years old; plotting my escape when I realized that the only one who I could go to for help was the Steward of Gondor himself – Denethor.” Mira stated calmly.


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