Too Close to Home – Part Sixteen of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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“Good going, Aragorn, you chased Mira off. I was just about to suggest us to leave so they could be together here alone…if you get my meaning.” Arwen stated, calmly.

“You mean…those two are in love?”

“Yes, Aragorn, they are but they do not know it. I think they feel something but it’s there just waiting to come out.”

“How do you know that they are in love, Arwen?”

“Did you not notice how he held her when we told her about her mother and how she silenced him from speaking anymore?”

“I did but now that you made me think about it, I think you are correct about it. Maybe we should tell Elrond about this and that Mira wants to go to another place of sanctuary.” Estel said, as he walked towards the hallways which lead them to Elrond’s private chambers.

“I will not allow her to go there! I will protect her as long as I can! There is no way I would even allow her to leave Rivendell to return to Gondor! There is no one who I would trust in that city beyond the true King of Gondor…”

Arwen and Estel listened to Elrond rant at Faramir; then they heard Elrond’s little mistake but then Faramir’s question about who the true King is. Aragorn smiled knowing that he was the one who Elrond was talking about.

“I’m the one who Elrond is speaking about, Faramir. I am the true King of Gondor. But I do not want to accept it as I like being free of that status it would bring on me.” Aragorn said, as he entered the room.

“What are your ties to the Kingship of Gondor?” asked Faramir, hand firmly on his sword’s hilt.

“I am Isildur’s heir. I can trace my linage back to Isildur himself. My father is Arathorn and my mother Gilraen. It is in the books here. The shards of Isildur’s sword Narsil is here in another room where it remains broken. But why I was hidden was for my own safety for Sauron is searching for any living heirs to Isildur incase we may still have the One Ring, which we do not…if I had it that ring would be deep in Mount Doom and destroyed.”

While Aragorn spoke, Faramir gazed at him and then let his hand go from his sword. When Aragorn paused for breath, Faramir held his hand up.

“I need not anymore of the history lesson, my lord. The reason of keeping you secret is safe with me as I do hope that Mira will remain here in safety.” Faramir stated calmly.

“That’s why we’re here. She’s packing to leave Rivendell in the morning.” Arwen retorted quickly. She then explained what had happened on the balcony.

Faramir started to run from the room but Arwen prevented him from leaving. “Faramir, wait. My older brother Elladan is with her right now talking to her.”

“I have to tell her that she must stay here for her own good!” yelled Faramir, rushing from the room with them following him.


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