Too Close to Home – Part Six of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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Elladan watched as Mira approached them as they all sat in the council circle waiting for her to come. She was wearing the light blue and gold dress. Her light brown hair pulled into the fashion of the elves. So much so that she looked elven to him and he knew his heart was now lost to this mortal woman.

Elrond noticed the look in his son’s eyes as he gazed at Mira. He stood and greeted her warmly and waved his hand towards a chair. “Please tell us why you have ventured here, Mira?”

Mira nodded as she sat down in the chair, she collected her thoughts and then spoke, “I really do not know how to begin.”

“The beginning would be good.” said Elrohir, looking at her.

“I…I…as you know I’m from the main city of Gondor. I lived there for over 19 years,” spoke Mira.

“19? You said you were 18?” asked Arwen.

“I can’t do it!” Mira said and she fled from the council ring right into the home again.

Elrond glared at Arwen who lowered her head in sorrow for chasing her off like that as he rushed off to find her. There sitting by the fire in the reading room was Mira. “Mira, ha mae. Ú-Béditham o cha ad dan iest le. Delig ad ar pédig. (Mira, we will not speak of that again unless you wish it. Please come to the ring again and continue.)”

“Ú. Ú, Elrond. Im gostannen ennas! (I can’t. I cannot, Elrond. I’m scared there!)” she cried out.

Elrond knelt next to her and wrapped his arms around her and whispered, “Delitham hí ar pédithag o vaur le sí. (Then, we shall come here and you may speak of what you need to here.)”

Elrond felt her nod as he gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead and stood up. He left the room to return to the ring where he told them that she’s in the reading room and that’s where she’ll finish her story at.

“Nín lui and, an im garn and, Arwen. Im nín imnanna ned ennin. Nín adar trenarnen im mudol darthannen nín tolnin. (My times(age) are long, for I was held long, Arwen. I was within my mother for a year. My father told me working stayed my coming.)” said Mira, as she stood by the fireplace, they all sat in chairs. “Iston i thenid drenarel o cha. (But I know differently.) She was an edhel(elf).”

“I thela nas peredhel be adar nîn ná. (Which means you are half elven like my father is!)” spoke Elladan, shocked.

“Mira, why didn’t I see any sign of your heritage, your ears are like Estel’s?” asked Elrond shocked, that he was wrong about Mira being a woman of Man.

“Because of my father, who is the reason why I have ventured here; my lord Elrond.” spoke Mira.

“What did he do?” asked Estel. His voice was sharp as it was angry, not at her but at what her father did.

“This was done when I was 5 years old,” Mira stated, showing the back of her ear to them. There was a white line faint but visible to them. “That cut was done by a hot dagger over my pointed ears.”

Mira was pushed down to the ground being held by her father as the red hot dagger that he held in his hand came closer to her head. Mira screamed and struggled only to get her head bashed into the hard floor of the home till she was almost out cold. The last thing she saw before the darkness claimed her was feeling her father grab her ear and pulling it away from her head.

“Ow,” moaned Mira, as she stirred from her bed hands rushing to her ears to find dried blood on them. She stood up and walked towards the kitchen area of her home and started preparing breakfast even though she saw the pieces of her ears on the floor. She quickly got the water going for their morning tea and made sure that their breakfast was not too runny or too hard. She had just finished placing the plates on the table when her father and older brother entered the room; she quickly scurried to the corner of the room where she was to stand when they came into the room.

“Mira, I want this house to be clean completely by the time I return at noon. I don’t want to see one speck of dust on the table or anywhere or you shall receive punishment for it,” snapped her father, as he quickly started to eat his meal before he left for the day.

Her brother soon followed his father out of the house. Mira quickly started to clean up the table and washed the dishes. She hurried around the house cleaning it with a damp rag. She was also quite dizzy from the loss of blood caused by her ears being cut.

“You lazy little wench! Get up! Make our lunch!” snapped her father, as he kicked her in the ribs to wake her up.

“Sorry father won’t happen again.” Mira stood up from the floor where she had fallen, rushed about making their lunch and barely able to miss being kicked by her father for being a bit slow.

Later that night, dinner was not what he had expected and slapped her hard in the face, knocking her down to the ground. Mira’s father picked her up and threw her onto her bed and closed the door.

Mira glanced over towards the others to see horror in their eyes and faces. “That’s a normal day. There was a worse beating than that. Some were very bad and some were just a few slaps to the face, nothing more than that.”

“How did you get away from him or did you try to get away from him?” asked Elrohir.

“It was nearly impossible for me to get away from him for long if I did leave. He always will in the end find where I am at.” said Mira.

“Continue with your tale, Mira,” Elrond stated.

“I would always end up going to a healer in the middle of the night when he went to bed to get healed of my minor injuries since I was to be seen most of the day in the market buying the food for that day. There was times when I would get beaten to the point where I could not even walk without pain shooting through my body. But I forced myself to walk and bear through the pain. I had wished mother had taken me with her when she left. I wouldn’t have been beaten by him, if she did. I have always hoped she or one of her family would come looking for me or see if they could find her to get me away from him. But every elf I saw never saw her and they promised if they did would send word to me,” said Mira.

“What happened to her?” asked Estel.

“I don’t know; it was she went to the Undying Lands and yet no elf had seen her. I started to believe that she was probably killed on the way there. Or that she really didn’t want to be found by anyone,” said Mira, picking up the goblet of sweet wine and took a sip of it.

“Perhaps, maybe I can help find her. Describe her to me?” asked Elrond.

“She was tall and beautiful like Arwen, long blond hair, light gray eyes and there is only one thing that would tell her apart from other elves was the crescent shape of the moon on her left shoulder blade where my father branded her when he married her,” spoke Mira. Elrond, Elrohir, Elladan and Arwen placed their hands over their mouths as they sat there shocked. Mira noticed this and looked at them. “What? Is the description of my mother shocking to you?”

“Mira, your mother was here.” said Elrond, sadly.


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