Too Close to Home – Part Seventeen of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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In Mira’s room; Elladan stood by the door watching her rush around gathering her clothes, folding and rolling them into a size which she could carry them easily. He had tried to stop her but she refused to stop as she hadn’t much time left there.

“Mira, please just sit and rest a bit?” pleaded Elladan, watching her rush around the room. But when she refused to even listen, he stormed towards her and using his hands forced her to sit down. His hands kept her pinned in the chair. “Mira, we will not let you go back to Gondor not while my father lives!”

“I must leave while I can, Elladan!” Mira cried out.

“Mira, I will protect you! I love you! I lost my heart to you! I want you to be the mother of my children! I want you to be my wife!” Elladan blurted out.

At that moment, Faramir, Estel, Arwen and Elrond reached Mira’s chambers only to hear Elladan’s statement.

“From the moment, you entered the room tonight; my heart was lost to you. I never really loved anyone as much as I love you. I want to live with you. I want you to live by my side, Mira. Please stay with me?”

“I love you too, Elladan, but I cannot risk your life by staying here. My father will find where I am at and will kill any who block his path to me! He’ll kill you and your family. I must leave while I got the chance to do so!” Mira cried out as she looked up at him.

“Mira, you will be running for the rest of your life if you do not face him and get him sent to death for the abuse he gave you!”

“Has he made that threat before, Mira?” asked Faramir, as he entered the room.

“Yes, to me. He told me if the Hunters find where I am at and that they can not get you from that place, I will come and kill all who block my path to you and you shall pay for your resistance in coming to me by the Hunters. He never followed through with that threat but if he is released I will be in danger of being killed by him.”

“He will not succeed in doing that, Mira. My elves would not allow him to even step into the boundaries of Rivendell without being captured before he even knew what happened,” Elrond stated, calmly but the tone of his voice said everything about his attitude towards Mira’s father.

“My father will be put to death right, if I return to confront him?” Mira asked, looking at Faramir.

“Yes.” replied Faramir. He silently prayed that her testimony would put her father to death and not set free.

“Then, I shall return to Gondor and see that my father is put to death.” Mira said, firmly. She noticed the look of shock in Elrond, Elladan and Arwen’s faces. “This is what I must do. I have to confront him and take back my life, if not; I will be in fear for my life forever.”

“Then, if that is your decision, Mira. We will stand by you each step of the way. I’ll have a group of my elves accompany you and Faramir to Gondor and they will protect you while you are in Gondor.” Elrond stated, calmly.

“I’ll go with you, Mira. I will not let you be there alone.” Elladan expressed, as he held Mira’s hand in his.

“I too shall go with you.” Estel said, firmly.

“As shall I be by your side.” Legolas stated.

Mira couldn’t believe it – her friends here in Rivendell were going to come with her to support her during this most trying time. She hugged them all. “Thank you for your support, my friends.”

“Then, in the morning, we will escort you back to Gondor to see your father put to death.” Elrond spoke in a firm voice, looking at the group of Man and elves standing in the room.

They soon left the room. Mira rushed to the door and looked out to see Elrond striding towards the stairs.

“Elrond, please a moment of your time?” she pleaded.

Elrond stopped and walked back to her, “Speak child?”

“What if my father is set free even with me telling the Steward about his abuse of me and that he tried to kill the Steward’s own son?”

Elrond wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him. “He shall not be set free, not with what he had tried to do to the Steward’s own son. He’ll be dead when this is done.”

He coaxed her to move to the bed as he sat down on it and coaxed her to lie down next to him as he stroked her hair. He knew she was nervous about the morning; so he sang the same lullaby that his wife Celebrian used on their three children to coax them to sleep. He waited till he heard the even sound of her breathing before he slipped from under her head, pulled a blanket around her, kissed her forehead and departed from the room.


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