Too Close to Home – Part Seven of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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“She’s here! Is she safe? Where is she? I want to see her?” begged Mira, tears of joy started to show on her face.

“Mira, your mother is…dead. She was stabbed in the chest with a Man’s sword. Her head was nearly removed…” Elrond told her where and when they found her mother’s body.

Mira collapsed by the fireplace head and shoulder slumped by the news. Elladan quickly went to her side and wrapped his arms around her, this time she did not flinch or pull away from his touch.

“I’m sorry. I wish she was alive for your sake, Mira. I truly do. We tried to save her but the wounds…” Elladan whispered.

“I know, I know.” Mira whispered gently, placing her fingers on his lips silencing his words.

He looked up at her and realized that he was holding her and he quickly pulled away from her and resumed his seat head lowered in embarrassment. Elladan felt a hand on his shoulder and looked over to see his adopted brother smile at him. Elladan smiled back.

“Now I know why my brother was missing that day. My father slew my mother.” Mira spoke with a cold almost angry tone in her voice. “My father didn’t like her at all, despised her more than anything even when she gave birth to his son.”

“Then, why did he marry her?!” exclaimed Elrohir.

“I do not know why he married her. I wish he didn’t but then I would not be born,” spoke Mira, her eyes shown her fury at her father. “In a way, I wished he had left us when I was a baby instead of staying with us. He could have easily done so and had someone claim him dead so we would not have him in our lives.”

“But wasn’t your brother only 7 or 8 years old at the time?” asked Estel.

“No, he’s five years older than I was at that time. He was ten to my five. We’re five years apart in ages.” Mira corrected him gently.

“Please continue, Mira, with your tale?” asked Elrond, taking in everything she said so he could help her when and if the time came that she must be returned to the main city of Gondor.

“The face slaps went on for about five years for anything that was not right with his day or that the food was not cooked the way he wanted it when he started to hit and use his dagger on me. The cuts of the dagger were always on my back never anywhere they could be seen. The cuts were always shallow, never deep. Till one night when I was 11 years old, he came home very late and the food had turned cold because he wasn’t there to eat it when it was nice and hot. He yelled at me for not keeping the food hot for him. I told him wait a few minutes and the food will get hot again. That must have made him furious for the next thing I knew I was being slashed on my back. I could tell the dagger was deep but I dared not make a sound as that would only make him angrier and the wounds deeper.” Mira stated calmly.

Mira listened to the night’s sounds in the house before she crept out of the house and headed away from her home. The first thought was go to her usual healer and get the wounds healed but she didn’t dare to go there for he would go there first. She went towards the castle and tried to see the Steward. The palace guards refused her entrance thinking she was a beggar girl. She knew they would not allow her entrance so she walked away from the palace, never noticing a raven haired man approaching the two guards and then started to follow her.

Mira collapsed by the common well which everyone drank from. She reached her hand back to her back and felt the warm blood still trickling down her back. Mira looked at her hand; the full moon showed the blood in a silvery light. She heard someone coming. She turned towards the shadows and whispered, “Who’s there?”

But the shadows didn’t move and just stood there watching her. Mira knew she needed to keep going and stood up only to pass out; the last thing she saw before darkness claimed her was a raven haired man rushing towards her.


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