Too Close to Home – Part One of many to come – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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Title: Too Close to Home
Author: Beth Brownell
Feedback: Constructive criticism is very much desired.
Archive: Archive is okay, if you ask me first.
Rating: PG13.
Pairing(s): No pairing unless you consider Arwen and Elessar (Aragorn)
Main Character(s): Faramir, Legolas, Arwen, Aragorn, Elrond and Mira, my new character, and the people of Gondor.
Summary: A female appears in the woods of Rivendell, but why she’s there has startling problems for Elessar. Child abuse is revealed in this story.
Notes: The story idea came to me when I was trying to get to sleep one night. I have no idea about if there could be child abuse in ME so do not cry that there isn’t because we do not really know. Also, I figure with important messages would come in the way of scrolls, not letters like we would get today. There is one thing that had been bothering me for quite some time now. Why did Faramir accept Aragorn as the Lost Heir to the Throne so easily? He must have known about Aragorn being the true King of Gondor before he made himself known in LoTR:RoTK or even in LoTR:FoTR!
Disclaimer: I’m borrowing the characters and the whole storyline for a short time. No harm will come to them. Please don’t accuse me of trying to harm them.
Small notice: This is an incomplete story, which I will post more of as soon as I have enough chapters to post.

Too Close to Home

The woods were very quiet, almost too eerie as Elessar crept towards his prey when just as he was about to release his arrow – a loud, piercing whistle was heard; spooking the deer into flight. Damn! Elessar swore inwardly as he heard it again and this time it was more demanding in tone. Elessar leapt to his feet and ran as fast as he could towards the sound at the same time fitting an arrow in his bow ready to fire when he got into range.

There at the river Bruinen that separated Rivendell’s lands from the rest of Middle Earth was two male elves crouched around another brown haired form. They both had their bows on their backs when they would have had them in hand. Elessar could tell Legolas easily of their hunting party by his honey colored hair as he knelt next to the form that he was next to and Elladan was easy as he shared the same hair color as his father Lord Elrond did a dark brownish black color, but the lad was not dressed like Legolas as he possessed a sword which was sheathed by his left hand.

“What happened?” Elessar asked, as he neared them crouching down next to the form.

“Found her in the river. She’s burning with fever,” said Elladan, as he looked at him. He held up a pouch. “Luckily the elf had pushed this off before she entered or the contents would have been lost.”

“Come, we need to get her to your father, Elladan,” Elessar spoke, as he started to lift her up into his arms. Elessar turned to look at Legolas, who whistled for their horses to come to their sides.

After the horses arrived, Elladan took the female from Elessar so he could mount his horse. He placed the female elf into Elessar’s arms again and then found something even more shocking.

“She’s not an elf! Look at her ears. She’s not of our kind!” spoke Elladan, as he looked at them.

“Whether she’s not or is, doesn’t matter, Elladan, she’s ill and in need of your father’s healing,” Elessar stated calmly, looking at him.

Elladan nodded as he leapt upon his horse and grabbed Elessar’s horse’s reins as they all raced towards home at the fastest gallop they could do without throwing Elessar and the girl-child from his arms.

Elrond was in the second floor library when he heard loud shouts of help coming from the front. He hurried down the stairs and towards the front to see Arwen rushing towards Elessar who was cradling someone in his arms. “Arwen, get the healing room prepared. Elessar, what happened?”

“Elrond, you might want to ask Elladan and Legolas. They’re the ones who found her in the river, she carried this pouch.” spoke Elessar, as he handed him the pouch. Elladan was there by Elessar’s side as he took her from him.

Elrond opened the pouch and looked in to find a scroll inside. He withdrew it and saw the seal of the Steward of Gondor on it. He put the pouch on his side as he felt the girl-child’s forehead. “Get her to the healing room now! There’s not a moment to waste.”

Elladan rushed up the stairs with Elessar and Legolas right behind him and Elrond. Arwen was in the room with the bed ready to accept the girl-child but Elrond ordered the bath to be filled with water immediately for the girl-child was going to be placed within it as her fever was too high to get down with the towels that Arwen had prepared for her.

Elrond ordered Elessar, Legolas and Elladan out of the room as Arwen started to remove the girl’s clothing. Elrond was busy opening the letter when he heard a gasp coming from Arwen. “Arwen, what is it?”

“Father, look at all those bruises and marks. She was been beaten by someone on her way here,” spoke Arwen, looking at the marks on the girl’s back.

“The bruises are too old as are the other marks on her back, Arwen,” said Elrond, as he started to count how many faded bruises and other marks were on the girl’s back.

“Father, who could have done this to her?” asked a puzzled Arwen.

“I do not know till I read the message from the Steward of Gondor. Keep her head above the water, Arwen. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Here are some towels incase they come in to see her.” spoke Elrond, as he placed some towels by the bath. He stood up and walked towards the door.

Three forms fell into the room in a heap when he opened the door. Elrond glared at the two elves and the one Man who looked up at him like no problem here. Elrond turned to Arwen as he saw her starting to put a towel into the bath to cover the girl’s body.

“Up all three of you…I’m ashamed of you…all three of you are grown elves and Man…crouched against a door…if you wish to see her, you can,” spoke Elrond, as he turned for the room again and went to the chair to sit. He opened the scroll and started to read it. His eyes flickered over the opening words and realized that he really needs to read this in private where they wouldn’t be able to see it.

Elladan, Elessar and Legolas was by Arwen’s side when they heard a noise coming from where Elrond was; when he stood up and stormed out of the room. They all looked puzzled at each other as they turned back to the girl-child.

“Arwen, is she going to be okay? The fever is high for her,” asked Elladan, his voice showing his concern.

“You are concerned about her, brother?” asked Arwen, her eyebrow arched in delight.

“Well…we all are, sister,” spoke Elladan, looking at his younger sister.

“We can only hope that this cold water bath will get the fever down, if not…well, you might want to ask father about what could happen,” Arwen said, looking down at the young girl-child. She dried her hand and started to reach for her forehead when another hand bumped into hers. She glanced over to see Elessar’s hand at the same place. Arwen blushed lightly as she started to pull her hand away.

Elessar smiled as he gazed at Arwen before he placed his hand on the girl’s forehead to feel it. He turned his attention to the girl as he started to cup his hand and pour water over her forehead. “The fever is still the same as it was before. I hope the bath will help her soon.” he said quietly.

Arwen nodded silently as they all just sat on cushions and watched and waited for the fever to break. Arwen convinced them to go after Elessar started to fall asleep against the tub. “Elladan, please get father. I wish to speak with him.”

A few minutes later, Elrond came into the room. Arwen asked, “What will happen if the fever doesn’t lower father?”

“Then, Mira will die and there’s nothing we can do about it to prevent her death,” said Elrond.

“Who is Mira, Father?”

“Yes, that’s her name. It was not the Steward of Gondor who sent her to me…but his son Faramir.”

“Faramir…why would he send her to you, father?” asked Arwen, surprised about it.

“He didn’t state why just that she needed sanctuary from someone who would harm her if she was found.” Elrond said, softly, as he poured water from his hand over Mira’s forehead.

Arwen went out and found couple of servants to get their meal for them and to have it delivered to the room as they would not leave the side of the young girl-child alone. The two elves didn’t leave the room for much of anything that night. The light of the candles and the fire was the only light within the room as they worked hard to get the fever down. They made her sip broth as she lay within the water. Arwen managed to get her to awaken for a few minutes to allow her some broth and some water.

A week later, the fever finally broke but she still slept due to the sleep draught that Elrond made her drink. The two elves and Man didn’t leave the corridor of Mira’s since they brought her there.

Elrond came from the room and asked them to follow him. He went towards the library where he sat in a chair near the fireplace. “You three are protective of her, aren’t you?”

“Yes, father, but why is she here?” asked Elladan, looking at him.

“Ah, have I forgotten to tell you why?” asked a surprised Elrond.

“You been staying with her for a week, father,” said Elladan.

Elrond waved his hand absently, “The Steward of Gondor sent her here for sanctuary, Elladan, from what he didn’t state. Mira will reveal why when she awakens in the morning so all three of you in bed now for you will be exhausted when she awakens. Off you go.”

“Yes, father.” said Elladan.

“Yes, Master Elrond.” replied Legolas.

“Yes, Elrond, you will let us know if she awakens?” asked Elessar, looking at him.

“Of course, I will. Now off to bed,” Elrond said, as he watched as the three head towards their bedchambers and to the beds that awaited them. “At last, I can get some sleep.”

Elrond allowed his eyes to glaze over as he drifted off to a state of sleep in the chair, never hearing the light footsteps of another came to his side to lay a blanket around him and kiss his cheek gently.


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