Too Close to Home – Part Nineteen of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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They rode till they could see the towers of Gondor in the distance and halted for the day as they had other plans for that night. Faramir’s men and he set up camp to look like that there was only three staying there and made sure that they were set up a bit further away and yet close by. Thankfully, the tree that grew there was a perfect place to pretend to have a captive there.

Elladan knew to make it look like Mira was held captive there; she would have to be tied up to the tree. He went to Faramir and spoke in a low voice, “Faramir, we need rope, long enough to make it look like Mira can stand up and walk around. We need her tied up to convince her brother that Aragorn has captured her.”

“I have enough rope to bind her hands to the tree with extra for her to move with.” Faramir stated, as he removed the rope from his saddle and walked towards the tree with Elladan by his side.

They tied the rope around the tree and walked just enough where the rope had some slack in it. Then, they had to convince her that she needed to look like she was tied up. She at first hesitant about being tied up but they showed her how loose the rope would really be around her wrists.

Faramir went around her to her back and gently tied her hands up. Mira didn’t like it at all as she immediately started to pace around the tree stirring the dust around the tree. Legolas voice was heard speaking with Faramir as Elladan came to Mira’s side.

“It shouldn’t be too long before night falls, Mira. If your brother is intent on getting you, he will come and right into our trap. Use this when your brother gets near you.” He whispered, as he placed a short sword in the sand in front of her.

Mira nodded as Elladan made sure that the fire was still going as the sun started to set for the night. The others faded into the darkness to wait for Aragorn and Mira’s brother to arrive. Mira sat down against the tree and just stared towards the fire.

The moon rose high in the night’s sky, the Men were restless as was the Elves who paced expecting Estel and Mira’s brother arriving. The low beat of hooves on the ground was enough to make them go quiet as they noticed two horses coming into view of the fire. It was Estel and Mira’s brother.

“Mira, it is so good to see you again. I must thank you, hunter for bringing my sister back,” spoke Mira’s brother, turning away from Mira to Estel.

“My payment would be nice. Your sign said one thousand gold coins bounty for her,” said Estel, holding his hand out.

“Oh yes, I have it right here.” He said, as he reached to his side. When suddenly his eyes grew wide in shock as he felt the sharp pain in his back; the short sword fell from his hand. Blood started to appear in the front of his shirt from where a tip of a sword was seen.

Estel noticed Mira was standing up and was behind her brother with the sword buried deep into her brother’s chest. Mira had stabbed her brother in the back and he fell to the ground face first into the dirt itself. Estel was quick to remove the sword from Mira as the other Elves and Men came into view.

“He tried to kill Estel. I had no choice but to slay him myself.” Mira said, looking at Faramir and Elladan.

“You did what you had to do, Mira. I would have been injured if you didn’t act when you did.” Estel said calmly, as he gazed at her.

“Her brother is dead, Estel. The short sword through the middle did it.” Elladan stated, after he had checked Mira’s brother for any signs of life.

“Good, I was correct about what his plan was for the hunter who brought me back to him. He was grabbing his sword to slay you with. Let’s see if he had any coins on him and how much,” said Mira, as she rolled her brother over and found no money bag on him. He was not going to pay off the bounty hunter but to kill him.

Aragorn looked relieved but then he looked at Faramir who walked towards them. “She had no choice but to slay him, Faramir.”

“I know, I saw the whole thing. Now, in the morning, we’ll travel to the castle and deal with your father, Mira.” Faramir stated in a calm voice.

“No, we leave for the castle now. I do not wish to stay here any longer than I must. I want to get this darkness over with so I may live my life in the light,” Mira said, as she looked at them and glanced over to Elladan.

“All right, then we shall leave for the castle as soon as we break down camp.” Faramir ordered the camp to be taken down.

Mira helped gather the bedrolls and get them onto the horses. Elladan wanted to go to her side and ask her about why she spoke of the darkness but he was pulled away to help Aragorn or one of the others. He told himself, he’ll ask her about that later on that night.

Faramir rode through the gates towards the castle where he dismounted from his horse and ordered several rooms to be made for his guests. He knew they would be hungry as well as he ordered the kitchen to warm up the soup that they had at dinner which was a nice chicken broth. Faramir made sure after they had finished their meal that they were taken to their chambers. He was aware of the feelings between Mira and Elladan as they were glancing back and forth at each other trying not to look too obvious of their love for each other.


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