Too Close to Home – Part Nine of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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A year had passed and the jeweler’s wife was asking about seeing if they could buy her from her father so she would no longer be a pain to him to care for. Mira told them that he would probably resist but would probably let me go to them for a steep price.

“When you arrived here, Mira, we were thinking about leaving Gondor for somewhere else where we could get more money for our work but since you arrived in our store, we refused to leave for our necklaces, rings and hair ties been selling like mad. You are a great jeweler. A dwarf would fall in love with your work when they saw them.” spoke the jeweler.

“I doubt a dwarf would but a woman would. My work is good,” Mira said gently.

“We kept track of how much money each of the jewelry that you sold while under our eye and we think this bag of coins will set you free from your father and you can live here freely,” said the jeweler’s wife, holding a small bag of coins.

Mira looked into the bag to see many gold coins; she poured them out and counted all the coins to find that the bag contained 700 gold coins. Far more coins than my father ever saw or had. Mira looked up at them and spoke, “This many coins may set me free from his hold. I wanted nothing more than to be free from him.”

I took the bag and placed it in my pouch when my father arrived at the store and claimed me as his child. Practically dripping with fake concern about me and apologized for my laziness in their home. Both tried to object to that claim.

Mira whispered, “It’ll be okay, I’ll see you both very soon.”

Mira’s father strode towards their home and as soon as they got back into the house; his demeanor changed from the nice guy to the abusive man he was. Mira was thrown against the wall and was used as a punching bag for his punches. He yelled at her for being a complete waste of his breath. He stopped and ordered her to make dinner and hurry too. He sat down at the table and rapped his fingers on the wood.

Mira picked herself up off the ground and withdrew from her pouch – the bag. “How many coins would you need to have to set me free from your hold, father, where you can consider me dead to you and I can leave this house freed from being your daughter?”

“It depends, Mira…how many coins.” snapped her father.

“How about seven hundred gold coins?” said Mira.

“You would never have that many coins on you!” snapped her father angrily.

Mira walked over to him and dropped the bag in front of him. “Count it while I make my last dinner in this house. That is seven hundred gold coins.”

By the time, Mira finished dinner; her father had finished counting all the coins. Mira served them their meal and had packed a few things from her room and placed the bag by the door ready to leave when she was ready.

“Is that enough for me to buy my freedom from you?” asked Mira, standing by the door.

“Yes, but please have dinner with us one last time,” her father said, gently.

Mira looked at him with some slight hesitancy before she moved away from the door and sat down. Just as Mira reached for her bread, her father’s fist landed right in her face knocking her out cold.


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