Too Close to Home – Part Fourteen of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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“Faramir!” cried Mira, as she stood up from her seat and rushed to the Man’s side and was immediately hugged by the Man.

“Mira, I was worried about you! The elves I encountered on my way here told me a hunter came and tried to take you from here.” He spoke, as he gazed at her and then towards Elrond who was walking towards them.

“A hunter tried but got killed by Elladan, Lord Elrond’s son. They won’t let anything bad happen to me, Faramir.” Mira spoke, as she wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned her head on his chest.

He stroked her hair and smiled. “That I am glad, Mira. Mira, I must speak with Lord Elrond about why I am here. Can I see you in the morning when I am more wakened?”

“Of course, Faramir,” Mira said with a smile, knowing the Man who saved her from more abuse was there and knowing she would see him again soon brightened her smile as she kissed his cheek and hurried away from him and Elrond.

“What did you wish to speak with me about, Faramir?” Elrond looked at him calmly as he watched Mira vanish from the room via the balcony.

“It concerns Mira’s father. He will not be able to be held in our dungeons without Mira’s testifying against him in front of my father about his abuse of her.” Faramir said, quietly. “Since I saw his abuse of her with my own eyes and that he tried to also kill me, my testimony is only of one incident and his attack on my person.”

“He tried to kill you?” Elrond stated shocked.

“Yes, after I entered the house to stop him from hitting her any more he lunged at me with a dagger in hand. I stabbed him but not fatally, which I had full authority to do. I knew I had only one thing that I could do for her was to get her out of Gondor and fast. I checked her for any serious wounds which I found none but for her being unconscious, I picked her up and carried her out of the house to my mount where my men helped me to get her onto my horse. But I ordered two of my men to haul her father to the dungeons and not released till I said so. I need to have her return to Gondor with me soon,” said Faramir.

“No, I shall not allow her to leave Rivendell to confront him! He has his death sentence on his head by trying to kill you. She will not leave Rivendell. Ever!” snapped Elrond. He turned on his heel and walked away from Faramir in a huff.


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