Too Close to Home – Part Four of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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“Elrohir, I was wondering when you would return.” spoke Elrond. “It is good to see my two sons together again. Now what do you wish to speak to me about?”

“I was in Gondor as you had requested me to do. I gave the message to Faramir as you asked me to. I was in a tavern eating when I noticed someone posting a wanted sign on the wall with the rest. It didn’t interest me till I noticed that it spoke of a young woman.” said Elrohir.

That immediately made Elrond and Elladan become alert to what he had to say. Elrond spoke, voice shaking, “Did you bring the sign with you, by chance?”

“I did. Something the way the person was acting when he posted the sign and went off to the barkeep for a pint. He bragged about how the girl will get beaten badly when she returns but then he went off on something else. I didn’t even finish my meal and went to see the sign. I tore it down and left,” Elrohir stated, as he pulled out of his pouch a scroll and handed it to his father.

Elrond read it and gasped. There on the sign was Mira’s complete description. But there was something really sick on the sign to entice the bounty hunters to go after her. The chance to `play with her’ sickened Elrond. He quickly summoned the captain of the border guards and ordered a doubling of all guards around the border of Imladris for the next few months. The captain bowed and left.

“Father, what does play with her mean?” asked Elladan, he didn’t know that phrase from the Man’s world.

“It means rape, Elladan,” spoke another voice. They turned to see Estel standing there. “I heard it in the ranks of the Bounty Hunters. Play with her is one of the rogue Bounty hunters’ games with females. They force the woman into having sex with them.”

The three elves shuddered at what Estel had said. Elrond swore to them that Mira will not be used like that by any bounty hunters. They really never saw him as furious like that before as he went to his balcony and with the use of his ring’s power unleashed his anger in the river below.

Elrohir spoke, “Father, should I go back and alert Faramir about taking another route here? Just incase the hunters followed him to wherever this Mira is?”

“No, Elrohir. The guards will tend to those hunters.” retorted Elrond.

“Father, I think Elrohir should meet Mira,” said Elladan, looking at his father as he walked away from the balcony.

Elrohir looked puzzled by what his brother said it was like that the girl who was in the bounty poster was here in Imladris. He looked at Estel and then to his father. Elrond nodded and motioned to them to come with him. Elrohir followed not knowing what or who he was going to see or meet.

“Father, who am I going to see?” asked Elrohir, quickening his pace to match his fathers’.

“Mira. The girl in the poster you given me…is here. Faramir had requested sanctuary for her. She’s safe here,” spoke Elrond, as he knocked on the door and hearing the voice within. He opened the door and entered the room.

Elrohir watched as his brother, father and Estel entered the room a few minutes and then he was asked to step into the room to hear a gasp coming from the girl as she looked at Elladan and himself. There he saw the young girl that he was concerned about in Gondor. But the girl looked nothing like the drawing – she was beautiful and very shy as she lowered her head not wanting to lock eyes with him and yet she was glancing at him and Elladan.

“Mira, I want you to meet my twin sons Elrohir and Elladan,” spoke Elrond, even though Elladan had already introduced himself to her earlier. “And this is Estel, my foster son.”

“Mira may I ask why is your family sending out Bounty Hunters to find you?” asked Elrohir.

Elrond was totally taken by surprise of the question that Elrohir has asked. He snapped, “Mira don’t answer that! Elrohir, how dare you ask such a thing?”

“No, Elrond. I want to answer it. Tonight, you and everyone else shall know why,” said Mira, looking at them.

As they stood there shocked about what Mira had said, they were unaware of the bounty hunter who had ridden into Rivendell and was meeting with Arwen. Arwen allowed him to enter the castle to go to the kitchen to get some fresher travel food as he had ran out on the way there.

“Mira, are you sure?” asked Elrond.

“Yes, everyone should know why the hunters have been sent after me,” said Mira. “I’ll see you all tonight in your study, Elrond.”

“All right…till then, Mira.” Elrond said, as he coaxed both Elrohir and Elladan out of the room.

Mira waited for a bit before she opened the door and listened to hear not one sound from the corridor. She grabbed her pouch and hurried towards the kitchen, where she encountered the hunter but he acted like he didn’t know who she was. Mira got her pouch filled with travel cakes and hurried back to her room unaware that the hunter followed her there. Mira was too much occupied in writing the note to Elrond and to Elladan that she didn’t hear the door creak open.

The hunter’s hand was on her mouth quickly as he whispered, “Don’t fight me! We will leave this place and you better stay quiet or you will pay later.”

Mira knew she was caught by a hunter and here in a place of sanctuary too. She nodded knowing that she would get hurt if she didn’t obey. She felt him pull her towards the door and soon they were heading down the stairs when Arwen noticed Mira’s look of fear and then noticed the dagger in the man’s hand at Mira’s side.

“Stay back, wench!” snapped the hunter, looking at Arwen. “Or she’ll get hurt.”


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