Too Close to Home – Part Five of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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What he didn’t notice was that Elladan and Elrond saw him slipping into Mira’s chambers and had planned an attack on the hunter. Elladan waited at the bottom of the stairs, with a short sword in hand, knowing that the hunter would have to go there to get towards his horse out front. Elrond moved as fast as he could and pulled Mira away from the hunter as Elladan’s sword pierced the hunter’s body killing him quickly. Elladan dropped his sword and went to his father and Mira’s side to find her in tears.

“Mira, it’s all right. You’re safe now.” spoke Elladan, placing his hand on her shoulder and gazing into her eyes.

“No, I’m not safe here or anywhere when the hunters are after me, Elladan! There is no place where I am safe! Not even here…” snapped Mira. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head as she passed out right into his arms.

“I’m taking her back to her room, father.” Elladan said, as he walked over the body of the hunter and up the stairs to Mira’s room where he placed her in her bed, pulled the covers up over her neck. He summoned the servant to undress Mira and get her into her night clothes so she may sleep more comfortably.

He stood near her bed after her clothing was changed and noticed the faint scar on her back. He pulled the covers back and examined her back as much as he could see. He knew why she never wanted to face anyone with her back for fear of revealing those marks to them if her hair didn’t cover them up. Elladan covered her up and slipped out of the room towards the library where his father was at. “Adar, istan o i daith am thraw Mira? (Father, do you know about the marks on Mira’s back?)”

Elrond looked shocked at him. He never told them about the scars on her back and now here Elladan discussing it. “I think Mira is the one who you need to ask that of, Elladan. It is not my place to say.”

Elladan sat down in the chair quietly. “Then, tonight, Mira will reveal all to us.”

Everyone knew this night would bring many things out in the open. Elrond wondered if it would spark Estel’s interest in becoming the King of Gondor to protect Mira if she ever returned there. He knew that only time would tell on that. He went to the balcony and just stood there overlooking the river.

Legolas noticed his demeanor and knew he was troubled. “Lord Elrond, if she returns to Gondor, she may never leave there again without a fight from whoever sent the bounty hunters after her. I could offer her sanctuary in Mirkwood if she needs to leave Imladris for another place.”

“Thank you for your offer, Legolas. You do your father well. That would be something he would say. He has always felt protective over those who can not fight for themselves. We will offer it to Mira if she needs to leave Imladris.” said Elrond, turning to look at the young prince.

“I thought I would stay here for another turn of the moon before returning home. I sent a messenger to my home in Mirkwood to let my father know I am staying here another turn of the moon something came up here that I need to stay for,” spoke Legolas, as he stood next to the lord of Imladris.

“Good,” whispered Elrond, as he looked up to see the fading light of the day. Soon, it would be night and with the night would bring knowledge that was kept within one’s mind for too long. Arwen and he knew what it was but didn’t know who caused it.


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