Too Close to Home – Part Eleven of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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“I knew I couldn’t get inside the castle but I could see him if he rode through town ask him for his aid right there in the street. But my father found out that I was planning something so he beat me to the point where I was bad off. He left to go join the rest of the people to cheer their Steward through the streets that evening. I went there with blood still on my face from the beating. I convinced several people to charge towards the Steward and stop him from moving…

“My lord Denethor, please you must help me?” Mira pleaded with him as she placed her hand on his horse’s neck making him stop. “I’m in great need of your protection. My father is abusing me. I fear he may kill me. I paid him to set me free but he refused to let me go. Please help me?”

Denethor barely even glanced down at the young woman who was standing there pleading with him. “How old are you?”

“18…this been going on since I was five years old. I fear for my life.” Mira pleaded.

“I cannot help you,” said Denethor, dropping some gold in front of her and kicked his horse into moving.

“Are you that blind in not wanting to aid one of your own people and allow me to die by my own father’s hands? If I die, my blood will be also on your head as it will be on my father’s hands!” snapped Mira, as she watched him and his eldest ride off.

Mira didn’t care to even move out of the street when a hand reached out and grabbed her shoulder. Mira turned with a very frightened look in her eyes to behold a raven haired man with kind but sad eyes; upon his chest was a white tree.

“Why do you ask my father for help?” he asked gently.

“Because he’s the only one I could think of to help me get away from my death at the hands of my father, sir. I fear for my life. I know if I stay I’ll die,” spoke Mira, looking up at him.

“Why haven’t you left?” he signaled his men to allow her to stay put as one approached her to move her away from him.

“Because my father puts bounties on my head for my return, he’s a bounty hunter and he knows how to get the other hunters to find me. There is no place in Gondor that I can hide for no more than three days before I am found and returned to the abuse,” spoke Mira, not knowing if he could help her or not.

“Then, you must…” spoke the man.

“Mira! How dare you run off like that?!” hissed a man grabbing Mira’s arm tightly in his grasp.

“Father…” Mira glanced up at the man.

Mira’s father followed her gaze and saw it was one of the men from the castle. “Sorry for her bothering you sir, she’s not right in the mind. Babbles about that something is wrong within the city.”

He watched as the man dragged the girl away but he didn’t get too far when the man overheard the girl’s father say, “You shall regret going to the Steward, Mira! You shall pay and pay dearly.”

As soon as she was flung into the house, her father went into a terrible rage at her. Not only was she trying to hide her body from his blows; it was his kick that was raining down on her. Mira could not withhold her screams now – she screamed for her very life as each kick and hit sent another loud scream from her lips.



The door was suddenly kicked in and a shadowed figure stood there…


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