Too Close to Home – Part Eighteen of many to come.. – How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

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The next morning came with brilliant colors of the dawn, Aragorn was dressed as a Ranger and his dirty cloak wrapped around his shoulders, Elladan and Elrohir were dressed as they usually had on journeys. Legolas’s mossy beige cloak was around his shoulders as his bow and quiver were secured around his back.

Mira came down wearing a male style tunic made for a woman to use. She noticed the look on their faces. “It’s better for a female to ride a horse without riding with both her legs on one side of the horse due of the dress she must wear. I prefer to ride my horses with both legs over the girth of the horse.”

They didn’t say another word about her tunic but found it was good for her to ride in. Faramir rode next to Mira before they had to ride in single file to get away from the rocky cliffs of Rivendell. Mira stopped her horse and gazed back towards Rivendell where she raised her hand up and waved before she turned in her seat and encouraged the horse to walk on.

“Why did you wave back there, Mira? Elrond couldn’t have seen your wave?” asked Faramir, as he rode next to her.

“He could see the wave, Faramir. I miss him already.” Mira stated as they finally got off the single file path.

“He is like a father to you, isn’t he?”

“Yes, the only one who I even considered being one to me. He is more a father to me than my very own father, Faramir.”

Faramir smiled as he gazed at her and then noticed on the far side of the river was his men standing there waiting for him to return from Rivendell. He turned to Mira and bowed his head to her. She bowed her head as Faramir urged his horse towards the riders. They all whispered quietly for several minutes before the Men sheathed their own weapons as Faramir motioned to them to go on ahead of them.

Elladan, Legolas, Aragorn, Mira and Elrohir galloped their horses past the riders before the riders really moved in line behind them. Mira rode between Elladan and Aragorn chattering about the city and how she hoped her statement about her father’s abuse of her would send him to his death for that would clear her path to her new life with Elladan and his family.

“My lord Faramir is that Mira? The same one who you sent off to Rivendell?” asked one of his Men.

“Yes? Why?” asked Faramir, turning to look at him.

“The bounty been raised on her to a thousand gold coins. We just saw the newest scroll on her. She’s in danger, my lord.”

“Damn! Mira, Elladan, we have problems!” yelled Faramir, as he urged his mount to catch up with Mira and Elladan.

Mira watched as he galloped towards them. “What’s wrong?”

“Mira get your hood up and over your face now! The bounty been raised on you.” Faramir said as soon as he got close to her.

“To what price?” asked Aragorn, looking at him from atop his mount.

“A thousand gold.”

“My father or brother does not have that many coins to pay the bounty on me! I think I know how he’s going to get me without paying the bounty on me. My older brother plans on killing the hunter who brought me to him!” exclaimed Mira.

“Then, we shall trick him into thinking he will be getting you only to be killed.” snarled Elladan.

“I think I know how to convince him,” spoke Mira, as she told them her idea. They looked shocked at her before they agreed to do what she had suggested as it was the best idea that they got. “I know I sound vengeful, I am serious about taking my vengeance out on my brother even though I cannot stab the sword into my father’s chest myself.”

“Elrohir, where did you find the wanted poster at? I’ll appear there and get him out of the city where we can show him `Mira’ and deal with him. They do not know me there yet.” Aragorn said, calmly but the tone in his voice was of a man who was angry, very angry.

“I’ll show you where but beyond that…it is up to you to lure that…that…Man out to our location,” Elrohir stated as he and Aragorn rode off ahead at a fast pace.

Faramir wondered why Aragorn was intent on getting the brother of Mira but the look he gave to Mira was that of concern and something else. Could this Man as old as Aragorn was to be in love with Mira? He didn’t know but he did notice the look that Mira was giving to Elladan that stated where her heart really laid with.


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