To the Edge of the Univese – Who is that man?

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Authors notek people! It’s back, I got this really annoying case of of writer’s block, I’ve been beating my brains out trying to come up with a way to work Narnia into this some more, I think I did it, I need your oto know what you think!- vanya-vasa

Omedeaous knelt beside the wizard wondering why on earth anyone would want to eat a dwarf. The three trolls were now arguing about how they were going to eat the dwarves. They had just agreed to eat the dwarves now and roast them later.

Gandalf broke out, “No good roastin’ ’em now, it’d take all night.” He sounded very much like the troll called William.
“Or it will take all night.”

“Who’s a- argueing?” Said William who thought it was Bert who had spoken.

“You are,” said Bert.

Apparently the one called Bert thought so too,” Don’t start the arguement all over again, Bill,” he said. a liar!” Said William, and so the arguement began over again.

‘How incredibly stupid these trolls are.’ Omey thought, laughing into her sleeve.

The trolls finally agreed to mince them fine and boil them, so they got out a big black pot and their carving knives when Gandalf spoke again, “No good boiling ’em we ain’t got no water and it’s a long way to the well and all.”

‘This is better than Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian.’ Omey was shaking with silent laughter.

Bert and Williiam thought that the voice was Tom’s, “Shut up,” said they. “Or we’ll never have done, and whats more yer can fetch the water yerself if yer says any more.”

“Shut up yerself.” Said Tom who thought it was William who had spoken. “Who’s argueing but you, I’d like to know!”

“You’re a booby,” said William.

“Booby yourself!” said Tom.

And so once again the trolls began to argue, after some time they decided to sit on the sacks one by one and squash them, and boil them next time.

“Who shall we sit on first?” said Gandalf.

“Better sit on the last fellow first,” said Bert, who had a fresh burn on his eye, apparently from the last dwarf they had captured.

“Don’t talk to yourself!” said Tom. “But if you want to sit on the last feller first sit on him, wich one is he?”

“The one with the yellow stockings.” Said Bert.

“Nonsense, it was the one with the grey stockings.” Gandalf was looking as if he was begining to enjoy his plesent conversation with these fine trolls.

“I made sure it was yellow,” said Bert.

“Yellow it was,” said William.

“Then what did you say it was grey for?” said Bert.

“I never did, Tom said it!”

“I never did,”said Tom. “You did!”

“Two to one, so shut yer mouth!” said Bert.

“Who are a-talkin’ to?” said William.

“Now stop it!” Said Tom and Bert together. “The night’s gettin’ on and dawn comes early. Let’s get on with it.”

“Dawn take you all and be stone to you!” The voice sounded like William’s but it wasn’t, for dawn came at that moment and William was turned to stone as he stooped and the others were stone as they turned to look at him, and there they stand to this day.

“Well that was interesting.” Omey said standing up and stretching. “Now how about untieing these dwarves?”

Gandalf was helping Mr. Baggins down from a bush. He nodded and walked over to where the dwarves were tied.

It was a job of several minutes to untie them and they were all very grumpy. Omey thought of Snow White and the seven dwarves.

‘More like Omey and the thierteen dwarves, a hobbit and a wizard. Hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever heard that fairy tale. And Idon’t want to, though somehow I don’t think I’ll have a choice’

Omey sighed, she didn’t want ot listen to the dwarves interigate the hobbit, so she went off in serch of the troll’s cave.

She didn’t get much of a chance to look though for at almost as soon as she set out a voice hailed her from behind. Omey whirled around to see which of the dwarves had followed her, and saw a man, with fair hair and skin. He wore sword strapped to his belt and a shield on his arm, the shield bore the symbol of a cherry red lion.


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