To the Edge of the Univese – The Narnian’s are invading Middle Earth.

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Omey turned to face the man. She wasn’t frightened as you might expect. She was rather startled, to be sure, but not frightened. There was something familiar about the man. Or rather, the boy, now that she looked at him, he couldn’t be more than seventeen or eighteen, could he?

“Who are you?” As soon as she asked the question the answer dawned on her. It could only be one person.

“I am Peter, High King of Narnia.” Duh. Stupid question, who else would be carrying a shield with the emblem of Narnia on it?

“Oh. Your in the wrong story. In fact, you in the wrong world, what happened? Did you sail too far East and hit Middle Earth?”

Peter laughed so hard tears ran down his face, and for a moment he looked the way he must have before he became High King, like a sixteen year old boy.

“No, I leave sailing over the Edge of the World to Caspian, I was sent here to give you a few things.”

“Really and what might they be?”

“First I want to ask you something.”

“Fire away.”

“What was your mother’s name before she was married?”

Something dawned on Omey at that precise moment, she felt like a world class dunce. “Susan Pevensie.” The name was barley audible.

“My sister.”

Suddenly the little glade began to spin, she was very glad that she was standing by a large tree. She wrapped her arms tightly around it to steady herself.

“Maybe you should sit down.” Peter looked concerned.

Omey shook her head, “No, I’ll be O.K. it’s just a bit of a shock, one minute your mom is just that, your mom and the next minute she’s Susan, Queen of Narnia.”

He nodded understandingly.

Slowly Omey let go of the tree. She turned to face Peter.”That would make you my uncle, wouldn’t it.” Omey now understood why her mother had cried whenever she had seen the Chronicles of Narnia sitting on a shelf in her room.

“Is that what you came to give me?”

“Part of it, I said I came to give you a few things.” With that he unbuckled the sword around his waist. “This is Rhindon, with it I slew the Wolf, bear it well.” With that he handed her the sword.

Omey was too overcome to speak. Next he drew out of a pack she had not noticed before, a bottle that looked like it was made of glass, it was full of a golden liquid, then he gave her an ivory horn.

“I Don’t Think I need to tell you what these are, or how to use them.” Omey shook her head. ” I have one more thing for you.” And with that he drew out of his pocket a ring on a chain, he dropped it gently around her neck. ” I cannot tell you how to use this, you will have to figure that out yourself when the time comes.”

Omey lifted the ring to the early morning sunlight, it was not made of metal, but of a skillfully carved star sapphire, it was midnight blue in color and when she turned it the star gleamed strangely in the surface. Omey shuddered, dropped it and looked up, Peter was gone.

She put the bottle and horn in her pack, they would most defiantly come in handy later. She strapped the sword around her waist and then resumed her search, wishing with all of her heart Peter had not left so quickly. She had the distinct feeling that she would want his help before too long.


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